EDITORIAL: Cancer during Pregnancy
07/11/99; New England Journal of Medicine

MEDSCAPE Except from: 8th International Conference on Primary Therapy of Early Breast Cancer; March 12-15, 2003; St. Gallen, Switzerland

"It seems clear that women who develop breast cancer during pregnancy may present with a higher stage due to delay in diagnosis, but that once matched stage for stage with other women, they do no worse.[34]

In addition, it has been suggested that physicians should recommend that women do not become pregnant for several years after a diagnosis of breast cancer, but that following that interval, pregnancy may not affect their outcome.

Unfortunately, much of these data are anecdotal, as women who become pregnant following breast cancer are a highly select group and are not typically randomized to treatment."

34.Mouridsen HT, Kroman N. Pregnancy before and after breast cancer. Program and abstracts of the 8th International Conference on Primary Therapy of Early Breast Cancer; March 12-15, 2003; St. Gallen, Switzerland. Abstract S32.

Author:Kathleen I. Pritchard, MD, Professor, Department of Medicine, Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

11/02 A recent study/survey of National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers showed that 14% offer counseling on fertility and sexual issues.

EDITORIAL: Cancer during Pregnancy [07/11/99; New England Journal of Medicine]

Cancer is rare during pregnancy, occurring in only about 1 per 1000 live births. More than half the cases are tumors of the uterine cervix, breast, or thyroid, which can metastasize to the placenta but not the fetus. Melanoma and hematologic tumors, which also can invade the placenta, may cross into the fetal circulation. In a recent review, Baergen et al. described 19 cases of maternal melanoma that had metastasized to the placenta. In five of these cases the tumor extended into the fetus, which died of metastatic melanoma in four of the five cases. The transmission of maternal leukemia to the fetus has been documented by immunologic similarities between the leukemic cells in the mother and those in the fetus. The report in this issue of the Journal by Catlin et al. clearly shows that an aggressive lymphoma can enter the fetal circulation and affect the fetus. The authors point out that the mother in the case they studied was not homozygous for the male fetus's HLA haplotypes and the fetus was not immunocompromised, making it likely that the lymphoma, a highly aggressive tumor, grew without hindrance by the fetus's immature immunologic system.

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