California Breast Cancer Symposium

On March 9-10, the California Breast Cancer Research Program held their report-back Symposium. Here previously funded researchers, advocate reviewers and others, met to hear and discuss results and future directions.

It was a very interesting and exciting event.

Ann Fonfa has reviewed scientific grants for this program. They seek out-of-state (educated) advocates.

71 Chinese Herbs Examined in Cell Culture

UCSF-based researchers find anti-cancer activity in 27%

Phase 1 Trial of Tibetan Medicine for Advanced Bca

Abstract #A-32

Mechanisms of Reduced Metastasis by CLA

Abstract #E-09

Soy Intake & Risk of Bca in Asian-Americans

Abstract F-02

Dietary Indole Analogs for Bca Prevention

Abstract F-06

Synthetic Analogs of Green Tea Catechins-Bca Chemoprevention

Abstract F-07

Effects of Tamoxifen & Soy Isoflavones:Mammary Tumor Devel

Abstract # F-08

Bca Prevention by Retinoids

Abstract #F-10

California Breast Cancer Research Program

The California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) links the urgency of the advocacy community with the expertise of the research community to develop innovative ideas for preventing, detecting, and curing breast cancer.

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