Cancer in Africa

Sudanese Bca Patients & BRCA2/p53

Breast Cancer Research & Treatment, 2/02

Breast Cancer Findings - African Women (2005)

April 2005

Princess Nikky Breast Cancer Foundation

Location and information posted 8/06

Le Maxque - GHANA Breast Cancer Campaign

LINK: artist site "Our Women Are Dying Every 68 Seconds From Breast Cancer. To Sensitize Women In Ghana On The Menace, Le Maxque Has Launched An Innovative Anti Breast Cancer Campaign".

Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa, Inc.

LINK: Awareness, Education, Screening, Treatment & Research

Africa Breast Cancer News

LINK: An EIN News service for health professionals

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Young Women Living w/Breast Cancer (southern Africa)

LINK:YWLBC supports the unique needs of Young Women Living with Breast Cancer in Southern Africa

YWLBC serves as a point of contact and most importantly a place to go to for safe, credible and medically sound information for young women.

Uganda: Breast Cancer On the Rise

AllAfrica Global Media ( February 2010

Male Breast Cancer - West Africa

Pan Africa Medical Journal, 11/2009

Communication from Cameroon

Discussion of strategies direct from Cameroon


LINK: Kenya Cancer Association, member UICC Global Cancer Control

Uganda Women's Cancer Support Org

See website for more information

Gnetum africanum: An African Wild Food Plant

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Second Chance Foundation - Ehtiopia

LINK "Tells people about cancer in Ethiopia"

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