From  a recent study on "A Genetic Approach Reveals

New Insights Into Breast Tumor Progression

Authors: Roylance, R., Gorman, P., Harris, W. et al (lLondon-based researchers).

"The nature of biological progression of breast cancer is uncertain. It is widely believed that dedifferentiation occurs, with well-differentiated grade I tumors becomin poorly differentiated grade III tumors over time.

Here we provide molecular cytogenetic and molecular genetic evidence to suggest that this hypothesis is INCORRECT: the majority of grade I tumors DO NOT PROGRESS to grade III tumors."

"Our findings have important implications, as they suggest that different breast tumor grades may have DISTINCT molecular origins and behavior and therefore present potenially distinct molecular targets for research and TREATMENT". ( Ann's emphasis)

Ann's NOTE: This could be very important in terms of treatment. As most of us know, treatment is given in a random way. We already know some disease will progress, we just never really figured out how to tell which is which. This information may help scientists and clinicians (doctors) find more specific treatments for patients. It has always been our contention that MOST people are inappropriately treated via conventional methods.

So many are diagnosed at what seems to be an early stage and then quickly progress, so many are told they are later stage and never progress. We do not yet have a clear handle. We want to see that each patient gets the correct treatment for themselves and their disease.

9/02 UPDATE: The 'new' science of Genomics/Proteomics will eventually lead to personalized diagnosis and therapy. This is the hope of all involved.

Naturally it will take a long time to come to the clinic and be of use to the patient population. But it is definitely heading in the right direction.

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