Breast Implant and Immune Disorders

Ann's NOTE: Depending on what is examined and how, makes a BIG difference in what is found. I am persuaded by the data and testimony of women who have had silicone implants. Since I am chemically sensitive - an ailment that is often dismissed, I can understand their pain and anguish.

Surgical Instrument Damage to Breast Implants

J Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 6/01

Silicone Implants-Correlations w/Illness


Implants Out

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One Study Finds NO Link to Specific Ailments

March 2001 Archives of Internal Medicine

Breast Intentions

LINK to group that "answer questions and provides information to help women make informed, healthy choices about their breasts as they consider augmentation surgery".

Implants Out

LINK to advocate site: "This site serves to inform girls and women of the potential dangers of saline breast implants, with hope that you will not have to find out the hard way, like I did".

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