Deaf Women & Other Health Challenges

Bringing breast cancer education to deaf women.

Sadler GR, Gunsauls DC, Huang J, Padden C, Elion L, Galey T, Brauer B, Ko CM.

University of California at San Diego Cancer Center, La Jolla 92093-0658 USA.

BACKGROUND: The Deaf community has not been adequately served by mainstream public health interventions.

METHODS: A breast cancer education program adapted for the needs of the Deaf community was evaluated by 123 deaf and hard-of-hearing women using pre- and post-surveys and focus groups.

RESULTS: Among the findings were the difficulty of recruiting Deaf community members to education and research programs; low adherence to breast cancer screening guidelines; insufficient breast-health knowledge; endorsement of the program; and suggestions for strengthening it.

CONCLUSION: Deaf women will benefit from breast cancer education programs that specifically address their language, culture, and preferred learning styles.

J Cancer Educ. 2001 Winter;16(4):225-8.

Ann's NOTE: In June, 2003 I gave a talk to the Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf. With a 'sign' speaker I was able to convey all the necessary information to the group of women.

I had an easel and we wrote down some main points. There were many questions from the audience. It seemed to work just fine.

UCSD Cancer Center

LINK to AmSignLanguage Cancer Ed Program Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community, breast & prostate

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J Womens Health, 10/02


1/04 Info on system for on-camera interpreter

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