Breast Conserving Therapy Approved in Study

ABSTRACT: Breast-conserving therapy for Paget Disease of the nipple: A prospective European organization for research and treatment of cancer study of 61 patients

BACKGROUND: The purpose of the current study was to assess the outcome of breast-conserving therapy by means of a cone excision and radiotherapy in patients with Paget disease of the nipple without associated invasive breast carcinoma.

CONCLUSIONS: Breast-conserving therapy is a feasible alternative for patients with Paget disease and a limited extent of underlying DCIS. To achieve good local control, treatment should be comprised of a complete excision of the nipple-areolar complex including the underlying disease, followed by irradiation to the whole breast.

Lumpectomy w/RTX Alternative to Mastectomy

J Cancer, 5/03

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SABCS, 12/03

Management of Paget's Disease

Current Treatment Options in Oncology, 3/04

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