Breast Cancer Organizations

Find links to local breast cancer groups. The most organized of all cancer patient groups as demonstrated by the many local support, education and advocacy groups around the country and indeed, the world.

Some have achieved national recognition.

NABCO has a list of many local groups. See this link below:

National Breast Cancer Coalition

A national advocacy Umbrella group - Breast Cancer Deadline 2020

Long Island Breast Cancer organizations

There are many so we are putting them all together to locate more easily

Breast Cancer Alliance

Greenwich, CT group

 Y-Me Breast cancer network

A national breast cancer organization

Bosom Buddies Inc. of AZ

Information, support, resources in AZ (Phoenix)

Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition

Education, advocacy

Iowa Breast Cancer Edu-action

Motivates, educates, empowers activists

Breast Cancer Resource Ctr of Austin

Helpline, lending library, community outreach, education, advocacy

Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance

Advocacy, support groups, education

Men Against Breast Cancer

A support group for men whose partners are diagnosed

Local Groups

Without websites-see phone numbers to contact or email addresses

Mothers and Daughters

LINK to Mothers Supporting Daughters w/Breast Cancer - support, free handbooks and brochures

Power Stories

Survivor tales

Young Survival Coalition

National org for women under 40, diagnosed with breast cancer, action, advocacy, awareness

Breast Cancer On-line Support

Support, chats, guest book, book reviews and TEEN support

Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation

Education, advocacy special programs for Lesbians, African American women, etc.

Support/Educ Groups (African Am)

Sisters Surviving
Sisters Network, Inc.
The Safe Circle
Local Groups w/o websites
Breast Cancer Net

News digest, mostly on breast cancer issues

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

LINK Reaching All Women All Ways

Breast Health Access for Women w/Disabilities

LINK to Berkeley, CA Center

Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation


Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester (NY)


Breast Cancer Options

LINK Breast Cancer Options (formerly Mid Hudson Options Project), breast cancer health advocacy/support group, making sure that all women have access to excellent health care, enough information to make informed health choices and the support they need when making important health care decisions.

Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation

LINK-they help first-time advocates w/scholarships to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Retreats/Spas/Healing Places

Links and information

WHYME House Foundation, Inc
Vitalizing effects of being outdoors and in nature
Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coaltion

LINK to environmentally concerned group

Breast Care Site

LINK to articles on issues, survivor is sponsored by Amoena which is owned by Coloplast Corp.


LINK to support for Young Jewish women w/breast cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

LINK to Research Foundation for IBC

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation

LINK:Houston, TX-based organization whose goals are education, awareness & advocating 'appropriate research"

Survivor ~ Breast Cancer Stage IV

LINK to organization w/email groups, web ring, gift store, stories

Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation

LINK to organization

Susan G. Komen Foundation

National group, funds research, local "Race For The Cure" and breast cancer awareness

The Breast Cancer Fund

Information on environment, advocacy etc. California-based

Breast Cancer Action

San Francisco-based advocacy strong perspectives, environmentally active-takes no money from pharmaceutical companies

Bosom Buddies of Hawaii

LINK to site in Hawaii

Breast Cancer Support Center

LINK to "cutting-edge healthcare/wellness educ training to support life changes

Patient Focus Organization

LINK to group that seeks to provide tangible, concrete pt services

Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert

LINK to NYC-based organization sponsors lectures and more

Helen Moss Breast Cancer Rsch Fndtn

LINK to Ohio site with info on CAM from a patient perspective Reports of meetings too

Hurricane Voices

LINK to action group in Massachusetts

Breast Buds, Inc.

LINK to org in AZ, "providing immediate one-to-one emotional support, education, and wellness modalities from diagnosis through treatment promoting recovery"

Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK to their organization

Facing Our Risk

LINK to org for those with genetic mutations for breast or ovarian ca

New York State Breast Cancer Support Education Network

LINK to the only statewide network of community-based breast cancer organizations in New York.

The Patient/Partner Project

LINK to site "Helping the Patients by Helping the Partners",caregivers support, info and more

Breast Health Project

LINK to"new model of breast care of eastern and western therapies"

CARE Program

LINK to San Francisco General Hosp Cancer Awareness, Resources and Education program for BCa, Eng/Spanish

Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer

LINK to Albany, NY area information, newsletters, local events, resources

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK to information, services in Delaware

Rachel's Friends Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK to org on environmental issues and Breast Cancer


LINK to discussion group's archives "A complementary approach to breast cancer" resources, books, gallery, coping, feedback


LINK to group providing network of breast cancer survivors and online support

Site of Breast Cancer Patient - Roxanna Trinka

LINK to Boca Raton author, breast cancer survivor/thriver

California Breast Cancer Research Program

The California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) links the urgency of the advocacy community with the expertise of the research community to develop innovative ideas for preventing, detecting, and curing breast cancer.

Find out more.

Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK to group "bring Wisconsin voices together to Stand Up and Speak OUt about breast cancer - Education, Collaboration, Legislation

Cleaning for a Reason

LINK: "a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning - 1 time per month for 4 months while a woman with breast cancer is in treatment. All she has to do is sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment.

Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service".

There is Life After Breast Cancer

LINK: Blogs that will become a book Shared experiences discussed

Recover with Angels

LINK: "Healing with breast cancer therapy and other recovery treatments can be painful and uncomfortable. That’s why Wings of Angels creates breast cancer care packages and recovery gift baskets filled with items that comfort and soothe the healing patient".

Pink Ribbon Girls

LINK: Cincinnati, OH group for young survivors of breast cancer.

Breast Health Resource Directory - FL

LINK: Info from Martin and St.Lucie Counties, FL

Beyond The Boobies Trap

LINK:" will be offering webinars, classes, experts and survivor stories about how to move out of the Breast Cancer treatment hole and into a new, better way of life. This site is created by breast cancer survivors, for breast cancer survivors".

Pennies in Action

LINK:"Pennies in Action® was founded in 2007 by Uschi Keszler - Olympic athlete, Olympic coach, & double cancer survivor. Having survived & seen the conquering of tuberculosis in her youth, & now as a survivor of both breast & uterine cancer, Uschi is determined to see cancer beaten in her lifetime too".

Sisters by Choice

LINK: "a support group founded by Dr. Rogsbert F. Phillips that meets once a month to talk about medical and social issues. Survivors, significant others, husbands, family and friends regularly show up to listen and help one another".

Breast Cancer Partner

LINK: "Breast Cancer Partner focuses on breast cancer recovery through health and wellness. We promote holistic solutions as a means to help you overcome potential obstacles to recovery.

Our aim is to help shepherd you through the recovery process by providing information, resources, and tools to help you effectively deal with life post treatment.

The Breast Cancer Partner website helps you navigate through life after breast cancer in order to recover from treatment, restore your life back to its “new” normal, &reenergize to live strong and healthy".

Breast Investigators

LINK: "Taking the Mystery out of Breast Cancer"

Sarasota, FL-based organization with many services

Metavivor Org

LINK: Research and Support for those with Metastatic Breast Cancer (patient-run site)

Florida Breast Cancer Foundation

LINK: Statewide group doing Advocacy, funding Research and Education through breast cancer license plate

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network

LINK:"MBCN is a national, independent, patient-led, non-profit, advocacy group dedicated to the unique concerns of the women & men living with metastatic breast cancer".

My Breast Cancer Support

LINK:"an online support network where patients & care givers can write, read & share their experiences with loved ones and with one another. What truly makes different from a traditional blog site is that the stories are all searchable by location, age, type of breast cancer / treatment, marital status, ethnic background & more".

Men for a Cause

LINK: "Men For A Cause™ is the only national organization of its kind focused on the male survivor and co-survivors. Men For A Cause™ is an organization founded to utilize unique methods to educate, motivate, empower & mobilize men in the battle against breast cancer in women & men. We unify women & men in the fight for a cure.

Pink Post

LINK: "Pink Post is the resource for information and education on women’s health and lifestyle issues, particularly for women who have, or have had, breast cancer. Pink Post provides community forums, resources for conventional and alternative options to treatment, healing and wellness, and reading resources for those who take an active role in their health care"

Breast Free - the Alternative to Reconstruction

LINK: Site about those who are not reconstructed. Includes photos and discussions

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