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September 2011 - Two new studies demonstrate that bi-lateral mastectomies (double) for no medical reason, do NOT improve survival. Why do it? Don't be frightened into this over-treatment. Unless there is a specific medical need that is determined AFTER discussion with your trusted medical advisor AND some research on your part, avoid too much surgery. Source: Article from Elsevier Global News, September 7, 2011 Information presented at ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium

Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 The National Breast Cancer Coalition - an umbrella organization - has come to believe that we are not approaching the struggle to eradicate breast cancer in the right way. They say we ALL need to truly commit. The Annie Appleseed Project has completely signed on to this idea - our view is that treatment is not really effective, it is overdone for most people, not appropriate for far too many (whose disease will become metastatic), and not much is done for real PREVENTION.

We hope all are aware that screening does NOT prevent breast cancer. We have to look in new directions. Environmental poisons anyone? What we eat, or don't eat? Our lack of exercise? Stressful lives? All of this and more! Click on the header to get more information about the Deadline 2020.

100% of Donations support our programs - this website, attendance at medical, research, scientific meetings, literature distribution, advertising, subscriptions, fees etc.

Administrative costs are covered by Steve Wolman and members of the Fonfa family - including telephone and electricity. There are NO paid staff.


December 2010 Gwen Stritter, MD started a great blog on breast cancer issues. One of her posts is on Metformin - a diabetes drug that has been shown to impact breast cancer in a variety of beneficial ways. Take a look. Also note there is a page on our site about N-acetyl cisteine that seems to indicate it can act similarly!

December 2010 Some of our volunteers were at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium - we were trying to learn the latest AND to question everything. There are few Integrative discussions but this year George Wong, PhD, (the Chinese herbalist who worked with Ann Fonfa to resolve her recurrences) had a poster on Chinese herbs for breast cancer.

You can share in what is going on by using this link, Dec 9-12:

October 2010 Interesting article just published in J Integrative Cancer Therapies on natural substance that works on metastatic HUMAN breast cancer cells See article below under Issues in Advanced Disease

July 2010 Aspirin as "prevention"? See article below in our section on Updates on Issues of Importance

March 2010 Ther were two presentations at the European Breast Cancer Conference (Barcelona)that suggested that mastectomy might not be the only option for patients who are BRCA carriers or have BRCA-related breast cancer.

Note that this study was published as an abstract and presented at a conference. These data and conclusions should be considered preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.


Women with mutation-related breast cancer lived just as long with breast-conserving surgery as they did with mastectomy, data from longitudinal clinical studies showed.

Survival curves were virtually superimposable out to 20 years, when breast cancer-specific survival was almost 90% among patients with BRCA-related breast cancer treated with radical or conservative surgery.

But local failure occurred almost five times as often with breast-conserving surgery, Lori Pierce, MD, of the University of Michigan, reported here at the European Breast Cancer Conference.

Nonetheless, those local recurrences did not translate into an increased risk of metastatic recurrence.

Moreover, the local recurrence rate with breast conservation plummeted with adjuvant chemotherapy, such that the difference from mastectomy was no longer significant.

"Increased local failure after breast-conserving therapy did not translate into increased systemic recurrence at 15 years or a reduction in breast cancer-specific or overall survival," Pierce said.

The above text came from

February 2010:

Combining tamoxifen, the world’s most prescribed breast cancer agent, with a compound found in the flowering plant feverfew may prevent initial or future resistance to the drug, say researchers at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

August 2008 - We just found a way to use LARGE PRINT on our pages - while adding that feature we reread an article on grape seed extract and Adriamycin/doxorubicin. Tested in breast cancer cells only back in 2004, this combo seemed to work synergistically (enhancing chemo) and regardless or estrogen status. Interestingly other studies show that grape seed extract is an aromatase inhibitor. You can search on grape seed or grapeseed on our site for more on this excellent supplement.

Since her own diagnosis in January 1993, Ann Fonfa has attended many meetings on this topic. She has spent over 9 years learning the issues. There are many other women contributing their wisdom. If you have had surgery for breast cancer and had axillary node dissection, check out the information on lymphedema.

8/03 Update: We have recently been hearing that even those who had a sentinel node biopsy have been developing lymphedema. Some think it is radiation-induced, but it may be happening without it as well. Feedback on this is welcomed.

Johns Hopkins Breast Center has a free medical journal, called Artemis.

There used to be an organization called The Mid Atlantic Breast Cancer Information Exchange that covered what was news in alternative/complementary therapies (from a patient/mainstream perspective). But they seem to have ceased publishing. Still it was very cool to see that they included this type of information from their beginning (s early as 1994).

Take a look at MAMM magazine. It is designed for survivors of breast, ovarian and other women's cancers. You can contact them at (888)901-mamm Website

If you are thinking of surgery, look at the information on sentinel node biopsy and other new techniques.

4/99 All mammography facilities nationwide are now required to provide a lay summary of the examination results directly to all patients. The examination results are still provided to the referring health care provider for those who have a provider. If self-referred then the woman/man receives the reports directly.

Ann's NOTE: 1/01 I just received a review copy of Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book, Third Edition. Chapter 29 on p.496 discusses complementary/alternative therapies. Dr. Love's book is often referred to as "the bible" for breast cancer, and it was the first book I read on the subject.

Check out the links area for many connections. Some local groups do not yet have websites. You can check your local phone book, Chamber of Commerce, or other non-profits in town.

Finally, Ann and other advocates attend lots of meetings on issues around breast cancer. The Meetings section on the front page of this website will contain the summaries.

If you want to be online with other people with breast cancer who use alternative therapies:

To Subscribe to the Amazon Listserv address an email to LISTSERV@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL and type SUBSCRIBE AMAZON-L YOURNAME in the message box. To Unsubscribe send a message to the same address and type SIGNOFF AMAZON-L

This large section contains extensive information for men with breast cancer. You are not alone.


Breast Health Project

LINK to"new model of breast care of eastern and western therapies"

BOOK: Life's Delicate Balance

Janette D. Sherman, author, Life's Delicate Balance: Causes & Prevention of Breast Cancer

Article from Pine Street Foundation

LINK to: "Breast Cancer: Advances in Diagnosis & Treatment" By Gwendolyn Stritter, MD

There has been significant progress in the diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer this past year. In this article, Gwendolyn Stritter, MD, discusses some of the latest research & observes how there is increasingly "more information about which herbs, supplements, & other alternative/complementary approaches can minimize treatment side effects & possibly even reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence."

Purdue University SURVEY for breast cancer info

LINK 12/05 "The purpose of study is to learn more about how you use the Internet for activities related to breast cancer & to find out your views about online breast cancer info".

Sisters Study-50,000 Sisters Needed

Environmental Causes of Breast Cancer

DCIS ( LCIS/Tubu/Musc/Medu)

Results of a study very low mortality with DCIS/other DCIS info

Lumpectomy=Mastectomy for DCIS
Salvage Treatment
7th International Conference on Adjuvant Therapy
Risk Factors Subseq Invasive Bca
Management of DCIS
Tumor Markers Correlate w/Grade
Current Treatment of DCIS
Value of Lumpectomy Margin Assess
DCIS Diagnosed 20% of Time
Mucinous Cancers
Metaplastic Bca: Path/Outcomes
Squamous Cell Ca of the Breast
Smoking & Radiation Therapy
DCIS Issues - SABCS 2006
Vegetarian Diet/Food Issues

Information and studies, includes soy and flaxseeds

Greater Survival Breast Ca Physically Active&High Veg-Fruit Intake
Healthy Eating
SOY & its Isoflavones Components
Vegetables/Meat & Exercise - Risk Reduction
Glycemic Index & BCA Risk
Coffee No Cause of Breast Cancer
Advocate's:Diet, Nutr/Natural Supps
Bca Chemoprevention-Excerpts
Dairy Foods & Risk of Bca (Uruguay)
Pre-meno Bca Risk Reduced with Omega-3
Dietary Fat and Breast Cancer
Dietary Attitudes/Changes After Breast Ca
The Body's Cure for Cancer
Flavones Reduce BCa Risk -Epidemiology Study
Antipoliferative/Apoptotic:Selective Phenolic Acids(BCa Cells)
High Fructose Corn Syrup linked to HIGHER Estrogen Levels
Updates on Issues of Importance

Find up-to-date information here

Therapy Rethought: Chemo
Breast Tumor Progression
"Salvage" Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy
Clinical Breast Exam/BSE
PC SPES for Women
TIMING of Surgery/Chemo, etc.
Various Diagnostic Tests
Smoking Issues
Fine Needle Aspiration/Stereotactic Core Biopsy
Photodynamic Therapy/Diagnosis
Environmental Issues w/Bca
S Phase & uPA as Markers
Clinical Significance of Mets in Bone Marrow
Harmonic Imaging:Breast Cysts
MUGA Scan for Heart with Low-risk Bca
Surgery Major Factor:Bca Micromets
MRI Articles
Autoimmune Thyroid Disease & Bca (Greek study)
Endocrine/Hormonal/Aromatase Therapies
Tricyclic Antidepressants & Breast Ca
Study of Unilateral Multiple Breast Cancer
Skewed X chromosome:Ova/Breast
AGE Related Issues
ER/PR+, Post-men Women & Adj Chemo?
Breast Cancer Recurrence
Physical Trauma: Cause of Bca?
Antiperspirant Use & Bca Risk
Microwave Therapy prior to Surgery
Bras & Breast Cancer
Stressful Life Events Raise Risk of Bca
Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
Melanoma Risk in Women w/ Previous Breast Ca
Making Sense Out of Too Much Noise
Adjuvant Herceptin: Am Soc of Breast Disease Statement
Molecularly Targeted Therapeutic Heat & BCA Cells
Aspirin Benefit Seen in Established Breast Cancer
Sentinel Node Biopsy (SNB) & Axillary Node

A new surgical tool, this section includes a link to medical advice

6/99 results on SNB
Survival No Better After Axillary Node Surgery
After effects of SNB, recent study
More evidence that SNB is worthwhile
Information Update-Surgical
Multicentric Cancer & Sentinel Node
Micro Mets May NOT Need Full Dissection
Lymphoscintigraphic Mapping-Tumor Size No Problem
Lymphedema After SNB
Axillary Dissection
SNB Recognized in Treatment Guidelines
Lymphatic Mapping in DCIS
SNLB with Local Anesthesia: GOOD
Near-Infrared Fluorescent Quantam Dots for Lymph Node
Nodal Irradiation AFTER SNB
Tamoxifen (and SERMS)

Issues for use by Healthy women and women with cancer

Random Thoughts on the PREVENTION trials
SPORE Study: New Guidelines for Tamoxifen Use
Low Dose Tamoxifen Effective: 1/20th?
Excerpts:7th Intl Conf Adj Therapy
Drug Costs
BCPT1:Tamoxifen hearings 1998
Gail Model May Fail Women Under 40.
Safe for Fewer Healthy Women
Europe: Benefits/Risk of Tamoxifen-Healthy Women
Tamoxifen and ER- Tumors
Era Of Hope Speech
Press Release: Cancer Prevention Coalition
Letter: Wall Street Journal 1998
IUD May Protect Tam Users
STAR Trial
Tamoxifen & Beneficial Interactions
Symptoms & Adverse Effects: Reporting
Tamoxifen for High Risk and BRCA1/2
Chemoprevention Guidelines From Canada
Tamoxifen and Risk of Contralateral Bca
Tamoxifen and Breast Tumor Vascularity
Tam & Serum Leptin in Bca Pts
FDA Warns AstraZeneca Over Ads
Estrogen Level = Effect of Raloxifene
UK: Healthy Women,No Clear Benefit
Aromatase Inhibitors/Estrogen Dominance
Comparison of SERMS & Tamoxifen (MICE)
FDA Presents: Tamoxifen & Uterine Sarcoma
Recommendations: US Prev Svcs Task Force
Test Developed: Who Needs Tamoxifen
Age/Body Mass Index Affect Tam Metabolism
Tamoxifen & Benign Breast Disease
AIB1, Tam, Survival Issues
Acupuncture for Meno-symptoms w/Tamoxifen Use
Tamoxifen for Women with Breast Ca:Basics
Antidepressants supress Tamoxifen's Value
Raloxifene & Pre-menopausal Women
Endocrine Therapy Better Than Chemo? ER+
Antidepressants and Tamoxifen: Some Harmful
Lesbians: Cancer Issues (Some LGBT Broader Issues)

What are they, how to address them

Health Links for LGBT Community
For Religious LGBT Youth - Message from Bishop Gene Robinson
LGBT Advisory Council for Susan G. Komen for the Cure
The Mautner Project
One woman's short story
Quality of Life and Coping study
Lesbian-sensitive health clinics:Scotland
Cancer Institute of New Jersey
At Greater Risk for Some Cancers?
Rainbow Circle & Outreach
Discussion on Lesbians with Breast Cancer
Book Review:Coming Out of Cancer
National Coalition for LGBT Health
Gay & Lesbian Elders: Health Discrimination
Polycystic Ovarian Syndr: Lesbians
Healthcare from a Chicana Lesbian's Point of View
"Dinosaur Doc" Play about Unenlightened doctor,lesbian pts
Obits of Prominent Lesbians Dead of Cancer
Joint Statement: AMA & GLMA: LGBT Issues to be included
Transgender Issues
Simple Things a Practitioner Can Do ( make LGBT more welcome)
"Taking Inventory" - from a weekly breast cancer support group
Focus on Lesbian Health
Survey - Bisexual Women in Poorest Health
Underestimation of Relative Risks Standardized Incidence Ratios AIDS-Related Ca
Bisphosphonates & Bone Mets

From the Moffitt Cancer Center Journal

Bone Mets/Bone Density/Loss
Information on Clodronate 7/00
Canada Approves Zoledronic Acid
Pamidrontate May Prevent Further Damage
Direct Effects of Bisphosphonates on Bca Cells
Present & Future Role of Bisphosphonates & Bca

Facts, personal circumstances, useful info and some links

Useful tips and information
Lymphedema in GYN & Prostate malignancies
A Book
Bandaging vs. Sleeves (including links)
Lymphedma Online Support Group
ACS Brochure Now Available
Swedish Doctor Uses Liposuction
Patients Recognize Lymphedema Sooner
Information Update-Surgical
Various Studies on Lymphedema
Ann Fonfa's eLetter to Canadian Medical Journal
Prognostic Factors for LE
Exposure to Flying and LE
Millimeters/Centimenters to Measure
Advice on Communicating w/Insurance Company
Laser To Reduce Swelling of Lymphedema
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Lymphedema
Compression Vests
CPT for Lymphedema - insurance reimbursement codes
An Oncology Massage Professional on Risk of Lymphedema
Lymphedema in Head/Neck Cancer Issues
Breast Massage Video - Daya Fisch
Reconstruction  & Prostheses Info

Study 11/00 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Patient Perspectives
T-CELL Non Hodgkins Anaplastic Lymphoma & W/ 1 Style Of Breast Implants
Breast Implant and Immune Disorders
Prosp Evaluation:Cosmetic Results
Nipple Products
Breast Specific Pain Affects QOL After Treatment
Frequency of Reconstruction
Current Techniques 2001
Nipple Reconstruction Innovations
Postop Radiation:Transverse
Oblique Abdoml Muscles After Free TRAM
Impaired Sensation:Hot/Cold
Thigh Flap Reconstruction
Leech Therapy for Tissue
Later Major Corrective Surgery after RTx
Information on Prostheses
Restoration of Some Sensation Aftr Rcnstrctn
Breast Recostruction Less Safe for Obese Patients
More Caucasian Than African-American Women Reconstruct
Random Thoughts Newsletters

An ongoing series of newsletters

October 1998
February 1999
Random Thoughts/Issues
NIH Consensus Conference
Dr. Schacter's Protocol

For breast cancer(from Michael Schacter,MD[psychiatrist]), but can be adapted for others

Global Perspective (mostly BCa)

Developing/Developed nations-speakers give information, original conference statements, June 1997

Breast Cancer in the Philippines
East Malaysia and Breast Cancer
Germline BRCA1 Mutations in Iranian Women with Bca
Europa Donna 2004 Information
Nat Awareness Campaign: Pakistan
World Cancer Congress 2006 Declaration
Info Needs Assess Korean Women - Internet
Communication from Cameroon
Communication from Cameroon
Hereditary Factors-BRCA1/BRCA 2/OTHERS

Survival and other information

Family connections
Breast-feeding & Risk Reduction BRCA1/BRCA2
Breast Imaging Study for Those w/Genetic Risk
Increased Sensitivity in Testing
Hereditary Ovarian Cancer & Survival
Prophylactic Surgery to Reduce Risk of GYN Lynch Syndrome
Study: Lumpectomies Work Well
Risk of Contralateral Bca
Exercise May Delay Onset of Cancer
Oral Contraceptives & Bca/Ovca
Excerpts:Intl Conf Adj Breast Therapy
Non Profit Org for Those Affected by Hereditary Br/OVA Ca
Lifetime Risks Bca:Ashkenazi Jewish Carriers
Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy
Familial Risk Raised by Alcohol (Bca)
Survival Rates
Most w/Family History Do Not Get Cancer
BRCA 1 Does More in Ovarian Ca
BRCA Mutations & Improved Ova CA Survival
New Guidelines: Testing Hereditary Colorecal Ca/Other Ca Risks
New Breast Cancer Gene Found-CHEK2
Risk of BCA: w/ Malignant Melanoma
ATM Mutations in Bca/Oca
Race & Attitudes on Genetic Testing
Complementary Medicine & Genetic Testing
New Method to Prevent/Treat Hereditary BCa -Sweden
Non-BRCA Hereditary Breast Ca & New Cancers
Chest X-rays & Risk of BCa: BRCA1/2 Mutations Carriers

Your doctor didn't tell you everything

More about "Breast Cancer: Society Shapes An Epidemic"
Janette Sherman's Book/Environ/Bca
Prayer, Laughter & Broccoli, BOOK
I Don't Remember Signing up for Cancer
"Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy"
Vitamin A /Maitake Mushrooms

Substances used to reduce chest wall recurrences, by Ann Fonfa

Update on Ann's Protocol
Update on a Maitake D-fraction Study
Vitamin A Information
Retinoids (analogue for Vitamin A) used in Treatment
ER negative Tumors and Retinoids
COX-2 Inhibitor: Maitaike Mushroom
Maitake Products Named Research Sponsor Sloan Kettering
Paget's Disease of the Nipple

Anonymous testimony and Ann's situation.

Breast Conserving Therapy Approved in Study
Paget Easily Overlooked
Molecular Markers
Analysis of 41 Patients
Paget's & Radiotherapy
Role of HER-2/neu & Paget' Disease
Intraepidermal Paget's Differs From Underlying Ca
Usefulness of MRI for Paget's Disease of the Nipple
National Action Plan on Breast Cancer

LINK Reports on workshops and activities from the private/public partnership advocates and scientists

Quality of Life

Including sexual dysfunction, sexuality issues

Study: No 'Emotional' Difference With Reconstruction
QOL After Types of Surgical Procedures
Chemo & Weight, Body Composition & Energy Balance
Stress - Two Versions of a Study
Outpatient Followup for Early Bca (5 Years)
No Higher Risk for Colon Cancer
Interview with Annie Toglia, Med Exercise Specialist/Survivor
Correlates of Posttraumatic Growth in (partners) of Breast Ca
Stages of Grief After Mastectomy
Male Breast Cancer

News article, studies, links

Exposures that Increase Risk
Use of Ultrasound-guided fine needle
Lowered Sex Drive a Possible Factor
SNLB in male breast cancer pts
Sonographic Features of Bca in Men
Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) & Men with Heart Disease
Risk Factors for Male Breast Cancer
Male Breast Cancer: Clinical & Biologic Indicators of Prognosis
Invasive Lobular CA-Case Report
BRCA1/2 In Male Breast Cancer Study
Breast Cancer in Men: Summary of Knowledge
Male Bca in Israel-Some interesting findings
Racial/Ethnic Diff & Survival in Men with Bca
Subsequent Cancer After Bca/Men
Reconstruction (& Hemodialysis)
Male Breast Cancer Incidence INCREASING
Male BCa: histologic subtypes & mets patterns 778 cases
Male Breast Cancer - San Antonio 2006
Male Breast Cancer - West Africa
Integrating TCM Into Conventional Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine, for breast cancer patients

TCM Talk/Articles
Integrative TCM & Chemo
NCI Supports Research Into Chinese Medicine
Chinese Women w/Bca Use TCM, Supplements, Exercise, etc.

Curcumin,St. John's Wort, Ginseng,etc.

Application of “-Omic-” technologies in phytomedicine
Spices and Bacteria
Soy and Hot Flashes
Borage Oil/GLA
Decreased Risk of Mortality
Some Spices Protect Bacteria During Irradiation
Antioxidants and Healthy Breasts
Milk Thistle Studies (silymarin)
Spice Rack and Cox 2 Inhibitors
Herbals, Cancer Prevention & Health
Studies with Ginseng
Myrrh as Anti-cancer Therapy
Red Clover and Estrogenic Effects
Spices that Enhance Immunity
Saffron & Cancer Prevention
Kava Kava
UK Tonic Contains Chinese Ants
Review of Some Popular Herbs
Herbs Rich Source of Antioxidants
Plant Stems & Leaves Proportional to Roots
Herbal-related Toxic Hepatitis
St. John's Wort - MUST READ INFO
Anticachectic Effects of Berberine & Coptidis rhizoma
Medieval Medicine (Wales) Contributes
Gingko biloba
Black Cohosh & No Proliferation of Bca Cells
Ascaridol (Chenopodium antherlminticum L)
Homoharringtonine-Evergreen plant Cephalotaxus harringtonia
Ayervedic Herbs to Reduce Unwanted Effects of Chemo
Anti-Cancer Plants in Brazil
Medicinal Plants Make a Comeback
Herbal Plants Endangered by Interest
Capsaicin Inhibits Angiogenesis
Tylophorine Analogs as Antitumor Compounds
Korean angelica Isolate Induces Apoptosis
Chapparal Looked at AGAIN - Tumors Shrink
The Herbage Database
Herbal Medicine in Context: Editorial
Herbs Have Multiple Effects - Some Opposing
Terminalia catappa (Herb) is Chemopreventive (Rats) Colon
Nigella sative (Herb) & Early Carcinogenesis (Rats)
Phenolic Contents & Antioxidant Activities: Plants/Food
Woad has Anti-Cancer Properties
parthenolide & golden feverfew extract in 3 Human Ca Cell Lines
Protective Effect: Andrographis paniculata & Urothelial Toxicity
Daphne genkwa root inhibits growth/mets Lewis lung ca (MICE)
Protective effect of Terminalia belerica Roxb. & gallic acid
Uncaria tomentosa extracts dffrntlly rglts exprssn IL-1alpha & TNF-a
Chinese Herbs Examined
Evaluation of antioxidant activity of Cassia siamea flowers
Evening Prirose Enhances Chemo
Willow bark extract Suppresses Growth Colon/Lung Ca cells
Clove Tea for Diarrhea
Terminalia catappa L. leaves and Lung Cancer cells
Black Pepper has MANY Healthful Properties
Two Herbal Extracts Kill Cancer Cells
Cytotoxic Effects of Bilberry Extract on MCF7-GFP-Tubulin Breast Cancer Cells
Sources for Organic Herbs & Info About Herbs/Spices
Art and Poetry

Women and men speak out personal perspectives through Art

Never Again
The Interview - A Poem
Matuschka, Artist/Photographer/Cancer Activist
A Tribute to Latrisha
Poem written after a cancer scare - Minx Boren
POEM: Each Breath--Die Death--Unearth Re-birth!
Dr. Susan Love

LINK to information from the doctor who 'wrote the book'

Photodynamic Therapy

Can now be used for deep chest tumors Applications for many types of cancer need to be investigated

PDT for Chest Wall Tumors
HRT and estrogen issues

Articles and helpful links, studies & phytoestrogen

Excerpts from ASCO 2004
Bioactivity of Foods, Herbs, Spices
Stop HRT if ER+ Breast Cancer Develops
Hormonal Replacement & Bca
HRT & Risks of Bca
HRT & Lobular Ca
Plant-based Estrogens as Alternatives
Soy and Menopause, Vitamin E
Bca Risk May Offset Benefits of HRT
Meno Symptoms Vary by Race & Lifestyle
Hormones and Heart Disease
Botanicals for Meno-ACOG Guidelines
Hormones & their Influence
ERT and Cognition
ERT after Ischemic Stroke
HRT Increases Breast Density
Patient Alert: Update on HRT & the Breast
Postmeno HRT & QOL
Hormones & Bones
Dr. John Lee on Progesterone after Bca
Lower Doses of Conju Equine Estrogens
HRT Does NOT Reduce CHD Events
Survivors & Alt Therapies/Symptoms
"Women's Hormones and Cancer" (A Book)
No Meaningful Effect:QOL
'Dr. Susan Love's Menopause & Hormone Book'
HRT & the Brain
No Am Menopause Soc Recommends Lifestyle Changes
"Intimacy After Cancer" - Book for Women and Partners

Articles and possibly links

Silicone Implants
Saline Implants
Connective Tissue Dis & Cosmetic Implant
Immediate Recon with Saline Does NOT Interfere with Outcomes
Botox® For Pain Control During Breast Reconstruction
Two NIH Studies and Concerns on Silicone/Saline Implants
Breast Implant and Immune Disorders
Keratin (protein from hair/ fur/nails/feathers/beaks) for Implant Filler
Tissue Expander For Hodgkin's Pts
Experience with Soya-bean oil-filled
TRAM Flaps and Prostheses
Mortality w/Cosmetic Implants-Sweden
Stage of Bca at Diagnosis w/Implants
Later Major Corrective Surgery after RTx
Breast Implants: NO Excess Risk of Brain Ca
Letter to Dr. Reichman re MSNBC article
Breast Cancer Abstracts

Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, 2003

Changing Incidence/Age for BCa in Taiwan
Raloxifene & Pre-menopausal Women
Family History & Preventive Health Behaviors:BCa
Trends in US BCa Mortality by Region 1950-1999
Mammary Stroma & Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Soy & Mammographic Breast Density:High Risk Women
Diet, Supplemental Use/BCA:Vitamin D Role
Liposomal Formulated-dl-alpha Tocopherol :Mammary Tumor
Dietary Antioxidants:Prevention of Deletion Mutations
Indole-3-Carbinol Potent Oral Anticancer Activity
Prophylactic Surgical Mgment:Breast-Ovarian Ca Syndrome
The Healthy Breast Program

LINK Sat Dharam Kaur, N.D. spoke at World Breast Cancer Conference July 1999

Local Groups

Without websites-see phone numbers to contact or email addresses

Issues in Advanced Disease

Articles, advice, information etc. for those with metastatic disease

Mets Bca:Goals/Objtvs of Mgmt
Musa Mayer Excerpted
Gastric Metastases
Liver Metastases & Liver Tumors
Letrozole Vs.Tamoxifen
Support Groups Lessen Depression, Pain
Timing of Mets After Surgery
Low Dose Oral Methotrexate & Cycophosphamide
Second & Next Chemo: What do we KNOW?
New Recommended Tests for Staging of Advance Disease
Metastatic Disease in the Breast
Inflammatory Breast Ca & Angiogenesis
Role for Curative Surgery in Advanced Bca
Opthalmic Manifestations of Mets Breast Ca
Decorin Prevents Metastatic Spreading of Breast Cancer
Vitamin D decreased risk of advanced breast ca (sunshine)
Natural Substance BreastDefend: Human Metastatic BCA cells
Living with metastatic breast cancer - survey
Questions of Treatment and More


Recurrence or New Primary?
Patient Empowerment Improves Treatment
Dr. Charles Vogel Updates:Treatments
Lumpec/Mastect: Doctor's Gender Matters
Treatment Issues in 1901
C-GSF & CA15-3 (false positives)
Risk of Colorectal Ca After Breast Ca
Accelerated Radiotherapy
Node Negative Breast Cancer
Node Positive Breast Cancer (Consensus)
Vita D Analogue Enhances Response to Chemo/Radiation
RU486 Inhibits Proliferation & Metastasis
Risk/Benefit Different for Patients w/Metastatic Disease
Chips Predict Tumor Aggression/Treament
Mitomycin Should Not be Given for Locally Advanced Bca
ATM gene: Avoid Radiation
Hormone Therapy Versus Chemotherapy
Doxorubicin Cardiotoxi & Radionucl Monitoring
RFA and Complete Necrosis of Invasive Bca
Oncological Drug Advisory Committee meets on Avastin
Sarcomas of the Breast

Some information for this disease

Primary Breast Sarcomas: Prognostic Factors
Primary Nonphylloides Breast Sarcomas
Benign Breast Disease

Cancer Journal 11/00

Risk Factors
Fibroadenomas with Atypical Hyperplasia-No Elevated Risk
Vacuum-Biopsy & Fibroadenomas
Clonal Chromosomal Alterations in Fibroadenomas
Papillary Lesions:Evaulated
Treating Gynecomastia in Patients on HAART (HIV drugs)
Isoflavones for Cyclical Mastalgia
Breast Papillomas-Solitary & Multiple
Issues/Services:Differently-Abled Women/Men

Description of services and a link to their website

Breast Carcinoma Treatment For Women w/Disabilities
Treatment for Women w/disabilities compared to w/o
Healthcare Utilization & Women w/Physical Disabilities
Identifying Factors Assoc w/Disability-NONE IDEN TIFIED!
Deaf Women & Other Health Challenges
Osteoporosis in Women w/Disabilities
Intellectual Disabilities and Cancer Information
Physical activity & nutritional behaviors of women w/physical disabilities:
Between Us

A link to a site featuring a video for newly diagnosed patient-made

Cancer Answers

A link to site with many links and art

Long-Term Cancer Risk and DES

DES study, British Medical Journal January,2001

Risk of Bca & DES
DES Daughters:Risk Study
Diallyl sulfide and DES (RATS)
Breast Cancer Research Stamp

Information and a link

Ca Mortality for Wh/Bk Women

J Cancer, 12/01


An on-line discussion group for those with breast cancer, using alternative therapies

Breast Cancer among Haitian-Am Women

EMG Health Communications, Inc. for Haitian-American Women

Diversity and Cancer Screenings

LINK to discussion group's archives "A complementary approach to breast cancer" resources, books, gallery, coping, feedback

Breast Cancer Trials

LINK to a free, nonprofit clinical trial matching service focused exclusively on breast cancer.

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