Breast Cancer Info and Issues

Photo of Selma Morris and photos from the African-American National Advisory Council of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Carolina Bca Study-NEW INSIGHTS on Mortality

Very important positive changes in mortality information, particularly African American women

BCA Prognosis Information
Composition of Estrogen Receptors May Differ BK/WH
African Amer Women & 10398A DNA: Higher Risk
Adelphi Hotline Facts

A NYS hotline program

National Action Plan on Breast Cancer

Report on the Multi-Cultural Workshop

Diet/Bca Among Urban Black Women

Diet and Breast Cancer

Lifestyle & Risk
Tumor Biology & Prognosis in Bk BCa Pts

Study in Cancer Detection & Prevention, February 2001

Functionally Active Estrogen Receptor Isoform Different in Bk/Wh
Hormone Receptors: Racial Differences
Genetic/Repro Factors & Bca Risk
Retrospective Analysis:Young AA Females
Gene BP1 More Often Active in Black Women
White Blood Cell Counts & Treatment Delay
Racial Differences in Expression of Cell Cycle Reg Proteins
Ethnicity & Breast Ca: Women's Health Init
Bk Women's  Experience of Bca

Drs. Freedman, Brown & Razaboni present in NYC 3/98

Surgery Issues Found

From a study about quality of life and sexuality issues

Review: Same Treatment/Same Outcome

A study in the Cancer Journal

Racial Differences in BCa survival
Race, Socio-economic Status, Treatment & Survival
Therapy/Survival Diff Due to Sub-Optimal Treatment
Breast Ca Survival: Diagnosis & Treatment Factors
Research Areas for Bca

Am J Public Health, 4/02

Spiritual Health Issues & Bca

Health Psychology, 6/03

Race & Attitudes on Genetic Testing

Cancer Epi Biomarkers & Preven, 3/04

Genetic Mutation/BCA and African Americans
Injection Site Critical For SNB

Am Soc Breast Disease, 4/04 Abstract #16

Gail Model WRONG for African-American Women

ASCO, 2004

More Caucasian Than African-American Women Reconstruct

Abstract #557 ASCO, 2004

African American Issues - San Antonio Breast Ca Symp 2006

Abstract #3054 SABCS 12/06

Getting connected: Afr-Amer living beyond breast ca
High prevalence triple negative breast ca among bk women
Outreach/Navigation in Urban Ctr Breast Ca - Afr- Am population
Breast Cancer in Women of African Descent  BOOK

Black Women's Health Imperative

LINK: Mission "promote optimum health for Black women across the life span..."

Ruthy Waston Breast Cancer Issues conference

October 2010 West Palm Beach, FL

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