Brain Aerobics

We found this article and thought it might be helpful for those of you concerned about chemobrain or just aging issues.

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Dr. Dharma suggests that there are three elements involved in brain aerobics. The idea is to improve neural growth, and studies have shown "that when people engage in moderate pleasant forms of mental exercise, it increases not only their knowledge, but also the efficiency and power of their brains".

1. The activity needs to involved more than one of the senses.

2. It needs to engage your attention.

3. It needs to break a routine activity in an unexpected, nontrivial way.

Memorization games are suggested.

Using things around you, memorize a list of 5-10 items you see around you. Write them down, put them in a drawer or turn your list facedown. Or take note of five items mentioned in the business section of your newspaper, or five titles from a book list. In other words you can pick topics of interest and go from there.

Wait a few minutes, then try to recall the items on the list you memorized.

Try reading aloud from a book or magazine - upside-down (the book that is :).

Another activity suggested is to examine a small object you might have with you -key, pen, pill bottle, etc. and describe out loud everything you note about it, size, shape, color, texture, any emotions it calls forth, etc.

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