Boston Medical Library to Gather Ayurveda Materials


Indian American library head to document ayurveda

S. Jayasankar, the new Indian American head of the 200-year-old Boston Medical Library, feels he is destined to create a collection on the history of medicine in India, especially ayurveda, in the institution.

"I believe it is my tryst with destiny, to borrow from prime minister (Jawaharlal) Nehru, to create a collection on the history of medicine in India," said Jayasankar, who as a student used the library for his own research.

"The library has a vast collection of historical medical artefacts. One of the few things missing in the library's collection is Eastern medicine and particularly ayurveda," he said, something he is going to remedy.

"The Boston Medical Library, rich as it is in the history of medicine in Boston, America and the Western world, has little on the history of one of the most ancient yet living systems of medicine and surgery, ayurveda."

January, 2004 Source:

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