There are a variety of good books on this topic

Dr. Bernard Jensen was one of the pioneers in this movement. He believes in putting wonderful natural foods in the body and maintaining good colon health. How many Americans really go the bathroom three times a day. That considered optimum good health.

"Vibrant Health From Your Kitchen", Bernard Jensen, D.C., Nutritionist

"Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management", Jensen

"Foods That Heal", Jensen

Norman Walker was another pioneer in the area of food, juices and detoxification. He has several well regarded books.

Ann Wigmore is the "mother" of wheatgrass. She created the Living Foods lifestyle and was founder of the Ann Wigmore Institute for Research and Education. There is a health spa/resort for recovery in Puerto Rico(809)868-6307 Box 429 Rinon, Puerto Rico 00743. She believed in raw foods and sprouts.

"Rebuild Your Health", and "Be Your Own Doctor" are two

"Healing Foods" by Miriam Polunin published by DK Publishing Inc. "A unique illustrated guide to the powers of key health-giving foods, with delicious recipes".

More to come in this area

Dr. Sherry Rogers MD

LINK to series of books on detoxification

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