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April 15, 2010

Diagnosis: Stage 3A non-small cell carcinoma with lymph node involvement, a 68 year old female, non-smoker, in otherwise good health.

In May 2009, I developed a DVT in my left, which then traveled to my lungs; this is called pulmonary emboli, or (PT’s). A follow-up CT scan to the lungs revealed a 2cm tumor with lymph node involvement to the upper Rt lobe. I did not have any other symptoms.

I was immediately put on Coumadin therapy, which latter proved to be a failure. In July 2009, a biopsy was done at our local hospital; the tumor was dx as an Adenocarcinoma, a non small cell carcinoma. We met with the local oncologist the next day, who told us I was not a candidate for surgery, and would be treated with both chemotherapy and radiation. He told us the survivor rate for advanced lung cancer was around 10-15% over 5 years.

The picture was so grim that we decided to explore other types of cancer treatments. I was able to locate on the internet, a Dr. James Forsythe MD, who is both an Oncologist and Homeopathic doctor. This appealed to me since I am a nurse and have always been in health education and teaching.

Dr. Forsythe’s Clinic, The Century Wellness Clinic is located in Reno, NV, not far from our Napa Valley home. We immediately contacted the Clinic and moved into an apartment for the next 3-4 weeks, from mid July to mid August, 2009. I was given all the treatments that Suzanne Somers describes in her new book “Knockout”, where she interviews Dr. Forsythe.

It was at the Clinic that I was introduced to Poly-MVA, the German blood test, Salicinium, and many important supplements to help support the liver and the immune system. I have changed my diet significantly, and great reduced my sugar addiction. I also found out that my Vit D3 levels were a low of 23ml.

During the summer, I continued to have problems with blood clots and or thrombophlebitis in my legs, but the doctors were not concerned because my Coumadin blood levels where in the range it needed to be. On Labor Day week-end, I ended up spending a couple of days in the Step-down unit in our local hospital with blood-clots (Pulmonary Emboli) in all but one lobe of my lungs.

This was caused, they believed, by the active tumor. This time another oncologist met with us and we then decided to do their recommended radiation treatments (33) and 7 chemo’s sessions. The oncologist agreed to use the recommendations per the results of the German blood test.

The German blood test determined which chemotherapy and homeopathic meds would work best with my genetic make-up. I also continued the Poly and other supplements throughout these treatments.

I was then considered a Coumadin failure and put on an injectable heparin type called Lovenox. This has made all the difference in my life, I can now walk and not be is such pain. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

The treatments with the chemo and radiation went much better than I expected. I did not lose my hair, nor did I have much side effects from the radiation therapy.

In January 2010 I had a CT scan which showed a 2 cm lesion on the liver. They “thought” it was not there before, so they called it a continuum from the original lung cancer.

This of course was very disturbing information. If this were true, it would change my status from Stage 3 to a Stage 4. I faxed a copy of the CT scan to Dr. Forsythe, he was very pleased to see how well everything looked, and did not feel the liver lesion had anything to do with the lung cancer. He also told me to call him anytime I had concerns, this was a huge relief to hear what this kind and very experienced man had to say.

My local oncologist started me on Tarceva, an oral, non-chemo pill. I again had very little side effects from this new and very expensive drug. In March, the latest marker blood tests, CEA and CA125 were entirely normal; the subsequent CT scan taken the end of March showed that the lesion on the liver had disappeared. The original tumor and lymph nodes continue to get smaller.

The doctors here do not say I am “cancer free”, but they say this is as good as it gets. I feel very well, and continue to do water exercises 4-5 times a week to get my strength back.

I continue to take Poly –MVA keep my VitD3 levels high, and also many of the supplements I started at the Reno Clinic.

I had the Port removed yesterday at the local hospital. I do not believe that any one thing has been the answer for me.

I do believe the combination of Alternative and Conventional Medicine, has been very instrumental in my recovery so far. I am humbled by this experience and have learned many lessons of love, prayer and faith. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and family and many great spiritually minded friends.

Bonnie Johnson

Posted April 16, 2010

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