Book: "Healing the Gerson Way"

This complete guide to the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy developed over 80 years ago by Dr. Max Gerson, MD (1881-1959), shows that the increasingly denatured, nutritionally empty, toxic modern diet is the main cause of today’s worsening health crisis.

This book offers the solution in the form of a brilliant, precision-built nutritional program that eliminates the underlying causes of disease, leading to lasting cures.

Learn for yourself how the Gerson Therapy has saved thousands of people from a “terminal” diagnosis of the myriad chronic and degenerative diseases. You will read many inspiring case-histories of patients who were restored to perfect health.

Charlotte Gerson’s powerful new book reveals:

How to strengthen your immune system and at the same time improve your cardiovascular health

How to detoxify your liver (note: this is the missing link to recovery and perfect health)

How to eliminate fatigue and weakness

How to prepare delicious, super-healthy, Gerson-approved recipes

How to slim down naturally, without cravings or hunger pangs.

And much, much more…


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Posted 6/07, updated 3/09

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