Book: The Fourfold Path to Healing

"The Fourfold Path to Healing" by Thomas S. Cowan, MD with Sally Fallong and Jaimen McMillan subtitled "Working with the Laws of Nutrition, Therapeutics, Movement and Meditation in the Art of Medicine".

From the back cover: "Dr. Cowan merges the wisdom of traditional societies, the most modern findings of western medicine and the esoteric teachings of the ancients as he answers this important question:

How do we obtain true health? "The Fourfold Path to Healing" is a unique comprehensive view of medicine that will challenge your deepest beliefs while showing you a practical approach to healing. The fourfold approach includes:

Nutrition usin nutrient-dense traditional foods

Therapeutics through a wide range of non toxic remedies

Movement to heal and strengthen the emotions

Meditation to develop your powers of objective thought

Dr. Cowan has been a practitioner of family medicine for over twenty years. He is trained not only in conventional medicine, but also in homeopathy, nutrition, herbal remedies, and anthroposophical medicine. He has teamed with Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions, and Jaimen McMillan, founder of Spacial Dynamics, to create a book that will transform your thinking and guide you along the way to vibrant health.

New Trends Publishing, Inc. (877) 707-1776 $25.00 US

posted 6/07

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