BOOK   "Cancer for Two"

"Every two minutes a woman in America and her partner are diagnosed with breast cancer" (Dave Balch)

Cancer profoundly affects the patientís partner. Here's how:

Who picks up the slack on household chores? THE PARTNER

Who worries about maintaining income? THE PARTNER

Who takes care of the children and pets? THE PARTNER

Who buys the food and prepares the meals? THE PARTNER

Who coordinates all of the medical appointments? THE PARTNER

Who does the driving to the medical appointments? THE PARTNER

Who ensures that she is getting the best care possible? THE PARTNER

Who keeps concerned friends and relatives informed? THE PARTNER

Who deals with medical billing and insurance? THE PARTNER

Who gets all of the prescriptions filled and refilled? THE PARTNER

Who keeps track of drugs: what to take, how many to take, and when? THE PARTNER

Who shaves their own head when they donít have to? THE PARTNER

Who gives encouragement even when they feel despair? THE PARTNER

Who must put their life on hold to support another? THE PARTNER If you are a cancer patient or partner (or know one), this book will give you comfort, advice, guidance, and understanding of breast cancer and how to support the patient with humor and love. You will discover:

How to keep the patient feeling good about herself

The importance of the caregiverís role

An amazing attitude in the face of serious illness

How to reduce the fear and stress

A simple, effective, fun, and FREE way to keep friends and relatives informed without spending hours on the phone

How to find humor in serious situations

16 reasons why cancer was a "gift"

9 good things about having no hair

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