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The Assertive Patient

LINK to Seattle-based Jean Sather's blog

Dees Updates BLOG

LINK: Deanna Kingston,associate professor of anthropology at Oregon State University in Corvallis & an Oregonian of King Island Inupiaq Eskimo descent.

Roannas Diary BLOG

LINK: Australian woman who lists her star sign as Pisces Chinese

Breast Sandwich

Link to blog Heidi Sorensen "mind/body connection and how it helped (her) heal from breast cancer"

Body Impolitic

LINK to blog SF-based photographer, feminist, Laurie Toby Edison

Running for My Life

LINK to Ronni Gordon's "Fighting Cancer One Step at a Time"

Envita's Natural Issues Blog

LINK: "the voice of natural medicine"

Our Bodies Our Blog

LINK: from the group that brought the book "Our Bodies Our Selves" comes a blog on women's health issues including cancer

The Mean Pinks

LINK to blog of Sheila Miller, using complementary approaches for breast cancer

Having Fun After Cancer

Blog by Verite Reily Collins on Cancer side effects

Blogging in B Minor

LINK: Mark Miller, a "singer/songwriter originally from Orange County, CA and now residing in the Sacramento, CA area. I am a father, husband, son & brother who holds many other important relationships close to my heart. In 2007, my life was forever changed when I was diagnosed with a primary brain tumor - a grade 3 malignant glioma".

The Brandon Show

LINK:Brandon J. Mendelson , a graduate student, will be stopping at 30 colleges this Spring to kick breast cancer's butt. He's looking for stories and advice from breast cancer survivors that he can share with the readers of the tour website and on his Albany Times Union blog. For those interested, write a guest post (500 words or less, no deadlines). Brandon says, "It would be a privilege to share these stories and advice to Generation Y and help educate them about the situation we face." To participate, you can email him at (please put "Breast Cancer" in the subject line).

Ovarian Cancer and US

LINK: Ontario, Canada-based blogger

Cancer Treatment by Conventional & Herbal Medicine

LINK: Blog out of Thailand

Everything Changes

LINK: blog "Living With Cancer in Your Twenties & Thirties"

This Third Time's A Charm

LINK: "Cancer information and resources from a 4-time cancer survivor - develop your own Positive Mental Attitude". Don Wilhelm, author

Patrick Bishop's BLOG

LINK to: information and discussion on healthy eating, downside of chemo, stuff in the UK, and lots more

Life in the Cancer Fallout Zone UK

LINK: Exploring hopes and fears of friends and family in difficult times Anne Orchard

Late Stage Cancer

LINK: "There is hope. I want you to know now what I wish I knew then..." Rick Shapiro's blog

Found Bliss

LINK to site by Ann Wax, RN

"... because I felt that there was a need for a person to spend a few moments on reflection to help them get through the day".

They Call Me Galvez

LINK: Young adult brain tumor survivor site

"He was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. He is a physical therapist who became a patient. He became someone he's always tried to help. He wrote a book, started an organization, started a business. What is he up to now"?

WEBSITE: The Truth About Gardasil

LINK:ALTERNATE VIEWPOINT "website is dedicated to the girls whose lives have been taken way too early because of this vaccine. It is also dedicated to their families who continue on in this fight. We must unite to get this vaccine off the market, together we CAN make a difference".

Vicki Tashman - Pink Power

LINK: Cansurvivor Blog - Vicki is "going to write about various seminars, conferences & classes I attend, as well as inspirational articles and things I think you'd enjoy reading about".

Beyond Breast Cancer

LINK: European views

Alphabet of Good Health in a sick world

LINK: "Never before have we seen so much chronic illness in so many people & at such a young age. People often do exactly what their insurance company told their doctors to tell them to do, & after much time & money, they still are not well. They feel conventional medicine has failed them, and too often it has. When something goes wrong, the system views our body as the enemy & bludgeons it with surgeries, drugs, & radiation".

The Life Force Institute

LINK:Linda Ludwig BLOG

"To help bridge the gap between the Scientific, Medical & Spiritual Communities by bringing to light the most significant discoveries related to healing all on the planet. Vision: In a very short period of time everyone will open their hearts & minds to the extraordinary possibilities available to all of us on Earth".

Cancer Culture Chronicles

BLOG by Anna Rachnel 40 years old, loving life, dealing with metastatic breast cancer, and blogging with an attitude. I am fascinated by the pervasive and popular culture that seems to surround the disease of breast cancer, and this is what motivates my writing. I find much of what I observe to be completely and utterly insane and I'm not afraid to say so. It's time to move beyond pink ribbons and messages of "breast cancer awareness", and start agitating for real and meaningful action in the fight to eradicate this disease for good.

No Boobs About It

LINK: Jean Campbell's blog. Two-time breast cancer survivor, former director of American Cancer Society's New York City Patient Navigator Program.

Never Give Up -Stephen Michael Apatow

LINK: Stephen Michael Apatow,Founder, Director of Research and Development, Humanitarian Resource Institute and the United Nations Arts Initiative. Survivor of tonsillar cancer.

Boo-Bee Trap

LINK: TC, diagnosed with Stage III invasive lobular in 2009, metastatic since July 2011. A woman with a lot of courage and things to say.

1 Up on Cancer - Rachel Pappas

LINK: Ann Fonfa, founder, Annie Appleseed Project has written some articles for this site. Lots of information - varied type.

BLOG - Advocate Yourself

LINK: Excellent articles and ideas

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