Bladder Cancer-Antioxidant Therapy Trial

The Following Information Comes From Diana Dyer, MS, RD, author of A Dietitian'Cancer Story. (excerpted from her Summer, 2002 Newsletter)

Bladder Cancer - Antioxidant Therapy Clinical Trial Information

As mentioned above, many people have written to me asking if antioxidants will help them improve their odds of recovering from various cancers, including bladder cancer. I have now posted extensive information on my web site ( about a current multi-site clinical trial for bladder cancer patients that will be evaluating this question.

The protocol, led by Dr. Donald Lamm at the Urology Department of The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, is first randomizing patients into 2 different types of cancer therapy for bladder cancer. Then each of those groups will be randomized into 2 groups that will receive different levels of antioxidants from supplements as additional therapeutic intervention.

Differences between response to treatment, including time to recurrence, will be determined. Patients are currently being recruited for this study at many sites around the country. My web site has information to help someone with bladder cancer find a study location (

This is exactly the type of clinical trial that needs to be done for all different types of cancer. I hope more research of this type is done studying each of the multiple types of cancer and therapies being used so that cancer patients (and their health care providers) have human data on which to make nformed decisions regarding the use of antioxidants concurrent with cancer therapy.

Thanks to Diana Dyer.

Bladder Cancer Trial Info

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