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What Would I Do?

I frequently get asked by you, my beloved readers, "What would you do if you had xxxxxxx [fill in the blank with prostate, lung, liver, pancreas, or whatever] cancer?"

In this issue, I'm going to try to answer that question. In the past year, since I first "published" my e-book on the Internet, I have learned a lot about treating cancer...much of it from you, my faithful readers.

First, the "xxxxxxx" above is immaterial. In other words, the type of cancer I was diagnosed with does not determine the treatment I would begin. This may seem strange to some of you who have been through several oncologists, all trying to tailor just the right treatment for your particular type of cancer.

Well, folks, guess what? The treatments I adopt to get cancer-free do not depend AT ALL on what type of cancer I have. Now, admittedly, some of the clinics I will mention would treat me with different substances depending on whether I had lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer or whatever. They are more qualified than I, by far, to prescribe from among the multitude [over 100] of proven natural treatments.

I have heard of, read and personally witnessed many cancer remissions experienced by cancer patients with all types of cancer and in all "stages" of that cancer. It truly doesn't seem to matter. Whatever type of cancer I had and whatever stage it was in, there is some combination of natural, non-toxic treatments that will almost certainly cure me.

If the type of cancer isn't the key variable, what is? Well, actually, there are two: 1] By far the most important is my attitude; 2] Much less important, as far as the success of the treatment, but a key variable, is how much I can afford to spend (yes, $$$ do make a difference in selecting a cancer treatment, just as they do in all other medical decisions].

My Attitude

Obviously, I'm an optimist about the curability of all types of cancer. As soon as I got the diagnosis, I would begin to take a variety of substances to do two things: 1) Retard the spread of the cancer cells; and 2) Build up my immune system to its peak performance. While I would begin seeking the perfect medical professional (see below), I would not wait to find him/her to begin. I would start this treatment regimen immediately, while I began my search. Naturally (being per- fect, except for a little excessive modesty) I would stick to my regimen religiously.

Battling cancer is a WAR I could not afford to lose. I would want all my system's resources brought to bear immediately to correct the condition that brought on the appearance of the cancer.

While the diagnosis wouldn't scare me, it would certainly re- shuffle my priorities. If I had been eating sugar or meat or dairy products or drinking alcohol, I would stop immediately - cold turkey! Certainly, if I were a smoker, I would quit immediately - cold turkey!

Standard Regimen

I would reject chemotherapy unless I had one of the rare cancers listed on page 36 of my book. I would reject radia- tion -- period! I would reject surgery unless two cancer specialists (not necessarily oncologists) who were proficient in treating cancer with natural means agreed that it was necessary for "debulking" purposes.

I would begin immediately taking the following, regardless of my financial condition:

1. Dr. Williams' Daily Advantage -- see pp. 29 & 30 in my book -- or the equivalent.

2. Additional supplements -- at least 10 grams per day of Vitamin C plus L-Lysine and L-Proline. See this incredibly great web site for the details:

3. MGN-3 and beta glucan -- see pp. 44-53 in my book.

4. A macrobiotic diet prescribed by a qualified nutri- tionist. Would you believe that since January 1, 2002, Medicare will pay for both nutritional counselling and supplements for cancer patients (and diabetics and heart patients, etc.)? Didn't know this? Check it out. A federal law was passed by Congress in January. Private insurance companies who sell Medigap and other health policies are just now picking up on it.

5. Green Supreme or other alfalfa products for broad enzyme therapy and to help alkalize my body. See the article "A True CAM Guru For You" in my newsletter #15, December 22, 2001. You will find it in my newsletter archives at:

Approximate cost: $15 for a bottle of 400 tablets.

6. Ph test strips, which I would use 3 or 4 times a day to test the alkaline/acid balance in my body. These are available at most health food stores or from the same source as the Green Supreme (see above paragraph). "Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body." Bet on it!

Approximate cost: $5 for an 8-foot roll.

7. Health club (gym) membership. See Bonus Booklet #2, "Stop Your Aging With Exercise" in my e-book. Exercise is even more essential for my cancer treatment than it was for my prevention routine.

Approximate cost: $60 per month.

The cost of the above "Standard Regimen" would be $574 per month for the first 3 weeks to 4 months (until I reduced the MGN-3 to the maintenance dose as a result of testing my NK cell activity); then about $374 per month after that. I'm not sure how many of these supplements the new law will allow Medicare to pay for, but it could be all of them. I would check it out. In any case, this is less than most of us spend monthly on a car payment.

Next, I would scout around my area using the Internet as a guide (see Appendix A in my book) to find an integrative medicine physician (or very open-minded oncologist) to help me apply my cancer management strategy. I would not hesitate to get a second or third opinion if I doubted the validity of anything I was told by the physician(s).

Lamborghini Strategy

If I were driving a Lamborghini (approximate cost: $240,000), I would seek out one of the following treatments (more or less in this order):

1. Dr. Griedrich Douwes, Klinik St. Georg. Mailing address: Rosenheimer Sir. 6-8, 83043 Bad Aibling, Germany. Tel: 011-49-8061-398-412; e-mail:; Web:

Approximate cost for 3 week treatment: $18,000-23,000.

2. Dr. Ross Hauser, IPT Clinic (see my newsletter #19, March 9, 2002), Oak Park, Illinois, Tel: (708) 848-7789 Web:

Approximate cost for 3 week treatment: $13,000.

3. Aidan Clinic, Tempe, Arizona. My info is from a reader, Diane Paradise, who is an enthusiastic advocate of this clinic. Web:

Approximate cost for 3 week treatment: $13,000.

4. Gaston Naessens' 714X treatment. Info available from Cerbe Distribution, Inc., Rock Forest (Quebec), Canada, Tel: (819) 564-7883, Web:

Approximate cost: $1,200 and up.

5. Tijuana clinics. I would take the tour. See article in my newsletter #10, August 6, 2001 "What About Mexican Cancer Clinics?" These clinics include Oasis of Hope, CHIPSA, Gerson, etc.

Approximate cost for 3 week treatment: $9,000-$15,000.

6. Far Infrared Sauna. Hyperthermia (literally "high heat treatment") augments the effects of virtually all cancer treatment. This "go anywhere" portable sauna is a high dollar item (about $2,000), but it works. Since we haven't discussed these devices before, here is some brief information on them:

"Far Infrared Saunas

Far infrared saunas allow the individual to elevate and control more moderate temperatures at home or at their place of business, which may be a more accessible, viable option to hyperthermia. Extended usage of saunas during care may enhance the efficacy of both traditional and complementary approaches. Far infrared saunas have been used effectively in the treatment of cancers in Japan. Furthermore, saunas are routinely used to detoxify indiv- iduals of environmental toxins. Far infrared saunas that elevate temperatures are beneficial in therapies and are available through the web portal, on a custom order basis, shipped directly to your house or place of business."

One source is:

Audi Strategy

If I were driving an Audi (approximate cost: $32,000), I would pursue the following forms of treatment, in addition to the "Standard Regimen" above:

1. Vitamin B17/Amygdalin/Laetrile. See the article in my newsletter #22, May 2, 2002, "Details on Vitamin B-17/Amyg- galin/Laetrile."

2. Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C.

3. Bovine or other mammal colustrum, preferably tailored as a vaccine for treatment of my particular cancer.

4. Protocel, Poly-MVA and/or Graviola. See my newsletter archives for articles on each of these.

Note: All of the above would be done under the supervision of a qualified cancer specialist, not necessarily an oncol- ogist.

Volkswagen Strategy

If I were driving a Volkswagen (approximate cost: $18,000), I would pursue the following forms of treatment, in addition to the "Standard Regimen" above:

1. Pau d'Arco Tea. See the article in my newsletter #22, May 2, 2002, "What The Heck is Pau d'Arco?" The cost is about $12 per month or zero, because if you can't afford it, Roger DeLong will give it to you free.

2. Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese/Yogurt. 3 tablespoons of Flax Oil mixed with one-half cup of Cottage Cheese or one- quarter cup of plain yogurt oxygenates your blood (which cancer cells hate) and supplies the best source of essential Omega-3 fatty acid. The cost is about $40 per month.

3. Red Raspberry Capsules. Why? What are the benefits? Raspberries, like many other fruits, contain ellagitannins, compounds that have been shown to have many health benefits, but raspberries have the most.

These benefits include: - Prevention of certain types of cell damage by carcinogens that result in cancer. - Slows tumor growth. - Inducement of natural cell death for cancer cells (Cancer cells have an abnormal lifespan). Call Bob & Jackie Hall at 707 435-8434 or 1-800-964-8276 for more information.

Approximate cost: $21.95 per month.

Finally, I would recognize that any attempt to reduce the treatment and cure of cancer to a few paragraphs (even by me) is bound to be vastly over-simplified. I would continue to explore and experiment with new treatment options, which are being publicized on the Internet every day.

For example, just within the last week, I have read a lot of information on artemisinin. It is another Chinese herb extract. Its effect on cancer was discovered seven years ago by two University of Washington bio-engineering pro- fessors. Doctors are currently using it effectively as part of the treatment regimen for a wide variety of cancers. The quality of the product containing artemisinin is crit- ical. The best source I have is Allergy Research Group at (800) 545-9960.

Bottom line: I would persist in whatever treatment regi- men I chose and could afford as long as I lived, realizing that once I was diagnosed with cancer, it was vital to keep my body in perfect cancer-fighting condition. I would also realize that not all treatments work the same for every- body and that most people using complementary therapies use a combination of them. For example, here is a quote from a message on one of the cancer chat groups I tune into on the web:

"She has me on shark cartilage, food enzymes, clean start (detox), essiac tea, advanced lung formula, ligyme forte (lithium), and una de gato (cat's claw). I also take vit c & e, chlorella, spiralena, melatonin, belladonna, selenium, beta carotene and several other things another naturopath added for me. I also drink fresh juice every day and have cut out all sugar, dairy and processed foods. I try to eat lots of nuts and fruit and vegetables during the day. I am still trying to find good protein replace- ments and have been eating a lot of beans. this seems to be a good start."

Within six months or so, I would be cancer-free and feeling much better than before I was diagnosed. Believe it folks!

Bill Henderson's newsletter excerpted.

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