Here is a list of foods that contain good amounts

of various vitamins/minerals in descending order

Vitamin C:

red peppers (but these are heavily sprayed-buy organic). fresh orange juice, cooked broccoli, green peppers, cooked brussel sprouts, grapefruit juice (yes this can interact with pharmaceutical medications), cranberry juice, papaya, fresh strawberries (this is the most heavily sprayed fruit-buy organic only).


beet greens, chopped and cooked, avocado, dried apricots,cooked beans(see below), baked potato w/skin(sweet potatoes and yams too), cooked clams, plain,low-fat yogurt, most varieties of cooked fish, fresh orange juice, bananas, blackberries, cantaloupe, cherries,honeydew melon nectarines,prunes,raisins,artichokes,asparagus,broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomato juice,lentils,mushrooms, parsnips,raw carrot juice and pumpkins Beans: limas, navy, kidney, all dried beans


Brazil nuts, canned tuna, cooked oysters, flounder or sole, turkey, chicken, wheat germ, brown rice, oatmeal, eggs.


Eastern oysters, King crab, beef, wheat germ, turkey, lamb, pork, cashews, almonds, cooked beans, chicken.


non-fat sour cream, plain low-fat or non-fat yogurt, canned sardines w/ bones, collard greens (cooked), low-fat yogurt w/fruit, swiss cheese, canned salmon w/bones, parmesan cheese, Ricotta cheese, part skim.


almonds, hazelnuts, cooked, fresh spinach, cooked fresh Swiss chard, dried sunflower seeds, halibut, mackerel, tofu, wheat bran, brown rice, avocado, cooked beans.


cooked beans, green peas, raspberries (go for organic), cooked Bulghur, Rye wafers, wheat bran, whole wheat pasta, oat bran, acorn squash, baked potato w/skin.

Ann's NOTE: Recommended: Organic produce (Grown without pesticides).

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