Bca & Meningioma

ABSTRACT: Association of Breast Cancer with Meningioma: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

We report a case of meningioma subsequently developed in a patient with primary breast carcinoma.

A 53-year-old woman received a left modified radical mastectomy because of stage IIA breast carcinoma. Histologically, the tumor was a predominantly intraductal carcinoma with negative lymph node metastasis. Estrogen receptor (ER) was negative but progesterone receptor (PR) of the left tumor was positive by immunohistochemistry. Four years later, cranial bone and/or brain metastasis was suspected from a routine follow-up bone scintigram. The patient showed no symptoms or signs at that time. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and angiography revealed that the right parasagittal mass was suspicious of meningioma. A complete tumor removal was performed. On histological examination, this brain tumor was a transitional-type meningioma (meningotheliomatous and fibrous type) without malignant findings. ER was negative but PR was positive also in this tumor. She is currently well 6 years after the initial surgery.

A review of the literature is presented with emphasis on the association between breast cancer and meningioma, which indicates a possible hormonal relationship.

The knowledge of this association is important in the differential diagnosis of patients with breast cancer who develop central nervous manifestations.

[12/27/2001; Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology]

Ann's NOTE: This review is very important. It suggests that there are other negative effects of breast cancer or breast cancer therapy.

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