Avoid ready-to-eat Shrimp

Ready-To-Eat Shrimp a Threat to Immune-Compromised [05/23/2002; Reuters Health]

SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters Health) - Ready-to-eat shrimp from your grocer's shelves can contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a Mississippi researcher reported here Wednesday.

And while this shrimp doesn't pose a danger to healthy people, the findings underscore the fact that people with weak immune systems should stay away from such prepared food, Gianna Duran of Mississippi State University told Reuters Health.

She presented her findings here at the American Society for Microbiology's annual meeting.


We received an email from Durwood M. Dugger, Pres., BCI, Inc. on this article, as follows:

"You are correct in pointing out that some shrimp - especially those from China and Asia in general may have been treated with anti-biotics during their farm growout.

However, this is a declining practice even in Asia. Any bacteria that survived these shrimp's treatment will be to some degree "resistant" to specifically those same families of antibiotics used in their treatment - but not antibiotics in general as you failed to clarify.

What I have a problem with is that your article should have also said - the exact same situation can be found in all of your commercially farmed meat products unless the producer states otherwise in their labeling - that no anti-biotics were used.

In fact, to carry this a bit futher - you can also get anti-biotic resistant bacteria from kissing, drinking after, touching, or in some cases inhaling exhaled vapors/droplets of someone who has recently taken an anti-biotic.

Like most unqualified science reporters these days - you fail to understand and state the context of the information you are reporting - but rather rely on its seemingly sensational/threatening nature to attract your reader.

While the issue you attempt to raise to your reader may be valid - its actual risk in the context of everyday risk we already assume, is bascially insignificant.

I sugggest you try harder to understand what you seek to report. I am a scientist and shrimp production expert with some 30+ years experience.

Durwood M. Dugger Pres., BCI, Inc.

Ann's NOTE: We did explain to Mr. Dugger that this article came from Reuters Health, that we did not write it.

But in fairness, and since we believe more information is better in decision-making, we have posted his statment.

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