AVE Ultra- Fermented Wheat Product

Ann Fonfa says; "I first heard about this product at a meeting of the Am Institute for Cancer Research (possibly 2003). It comes from Hungary and is now (2005) available in the U.S from American Biosciences.

November 2010 - Ann Fonfa and Linda McDonald are at the Society for Integrative Oncology meeting in NYC. Ann had the opportunity to taste the new Ave Ultra, sweetened with stevia. It tastes quite good. Anyone who tried the old product will really appreciate this one. And evidence of benefit continues to grow. This company is working toward FDA approval.

April 2010 - New formula now called- Ave Ultra "has Same amount of Avemar®® fermented wheat germ actives • 99% less stabilizing & flavoring additives • Same daily quantity of Avemar®® as used in clinical trials" per company website.

"AvéULTRA…more concentrated, easier mixing, no sugar, same great results!"


Ann's NOTE: American Biosciences Inc. has been a long-term supporter of the Annie Appleseed Project. They donate to our annual educational conference. We originally invited them to exhibit as they have such good products. My partner uses their FlexSolve (for joint issues) and I use SleepSolve (for menopausal-induced sleep issues).

But as a full disclosure you need to know that they donate to our nonprofit.

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