Autumn Advice '02: Kami McBride

Excerpted from the Autumn Newsletter of Living from Kami McBride in Vacaville, CA.

Eat warmer foods: Start to let go of the summer fruits and especially the cold watery melons and fruit juices. Eat fewer salads and more steamed greens such as chard and kale

Eat a warmer breakfast: If you are eating cold cereals with milk, switch to warm cooked grains. If you are eating oatmeal, it is always better to soak it in water over night to make it easier to digest. The traditional way to eat oatmeal is to soak it over night in water with a little yogurt and then in the morning, slightly warm it in a pan with some extra water

Eat earlier in the evening: Often we eat later in the summer because of the light. Sometimes we continue with the habit of eating late even when it is getting darker in the evenings. Ayurvedic medicine says that the digestive fire is best when the sun is in the sky. As the sun goes down, our digestion also wanes. Eating late can contribute to insomnia, indigestion, congestion and colds.

Immunity foods: Use your meals to build your immune system

Add Astragalus

Build your immunity for the winter by adding 7 tongue depressor sized sticks of astragalus to your soups or any grains that you cook. Astragalus goes well in rice, barley, lentil soup and chicken soup,

Eat pesto! Herbal sage and basil pesto 7 cloves of garlic

1 cups of nuts and seeds of choice (walnuts, pine nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds..)

1 cups olive oil

3 cups herbal greens (basil, oregano, parsley, sage, dandelion greens,) blend in the blender and serve

Take advantage of the fall abundance of culinary herbs

Add extra oregano, basil, thyme and sage to your meals, all of these herbs are highly anti-bacterial and can help prevent coughs, colds and flu

Add Carminatives:

Carminative herbs such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom help to increase your digestive capacity. They clear mucus and increase general circulation. Carminative sprinkle 3 tablespoons powdered cinnamon

2 tablespoons powdered ginger

1 teaspoon Powdered cardamom pods

Mix powdered herbs together; have them in a shaker on the table and sprinkle on toast, pancakes, cereals and yogurt

Support your skin

The skin is a major pathway of elimination for the body. The lungs are also a pathway of elimination. When we stimulate the skins ability to de-toxify the body it lightens up the load on the lungs, reducing the susceptibility of the lungs to become congested. Congestion in the lungs can lead to flu and bronchitis. SO herbal skin therapies and herbal bathing help to strengthen your lung health. Autumn Herbal Body Scrub 1 cup sea salt

cup Epsom salt

cup powdered oats

3 tablespoons dried powdered rosemary

3 tablespoons dried lavender

1 teaspoon dried powdered ginger root

cup olive oil

Mix ingredients together. Get wet in the bathtub or shower; get out of the water rub the body scrub mixture all over your body. Lie on a towel outside or on your bathroom floor for ten minutes and then go back to bathing and wash it off

May your autumn harvest be abundant with many blessings,

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