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In November, 2004, we heard from

" About 15 years ago through in-depth studies of indoor air pollution dangers our company (based in Italy) worked out a new hi tech instrument a unique air polluting Koala technology that effectively destroys indoor air contaminants in all existing forms: solid pollutants, particulate matter up to 0.001 microns(!), gaseous and micro biological pollutants (viruses, bacterium, spores, moulds and funguses) (!) and electric pollution.

We proved clinically its effectiveness in treating asthma, allergies, the immune system diseases.

And we have a reasonable certainty to suppose that it might be a valid therapy for a wide range of other diseases caused by air pollution. (tumours, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes, cardio-circulatory pathologies, CFS, etc) since the therapeutic action of it is not symptomatic but directed to eliminate the cause that gave origin to the disease, rebalancing the functioning of of the immune, endocrine, neurological systems.

We knocked on many doors but only very few of them were opened to us. What we found is incredulity or superior economic interests that became a real hindrance since we are a small company and the invention we made seems so far to be a piece of science fiction.

We managed to bring one technology only in 1 italian hospital, then the famous money-making mechanisms blocked us, even if that could descrease the deaths rate by half.

Large scale fundings are donated to work on the problem that we successfully solved with most modest means.e.g. we offered free of charge our equipment for terminal asthma pations in one clinic, but their superviser upon second thinking refused to accept it without any valid motivation, etc.

What we want is just to expand our environmental culture to let those who tried all the possible offical medicine remedies and ready to give us trust to benifit from it in terms of health.

No testing of our technology with cancer patients has been done so far".

Here are some selections from their site:

"Indoor air pollution is the most dangerous killer of the new millennium. Polluted air not only seriously affects our breathing apparatus but also weakens our whole body: it completely alters the functioning of our immune, endocrine, neurological and reproductive systems. Many pathologies that are on the increase in industrialised countries, such as asthma, psoriasis, tumours etc, are the consequence of alterations caused by the polluting agents that we constantly breathe in".

"Aurahome is an air cleaner that: • effectively destroys air pollution and eliminates all breathable toxic elements. • prevents and treats numerous illnesses such as asthma, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes, cardio-circulatory pathologies, CFS, flat warts, multiple sclerosis, male infertility, Alzheimer's, (etc).

Aurahome is neither an air purifier nor an ioniser.

Purifiers generally available on the market only remove 3% of solid pollution from the air yet Aurahome units destroy 100% of all solid, gaseous, micro-biological and electrical polluting agents.

The evidence lies in the effects that Aurahome has on the human body. By allowing the body to breathe only healthy air Aurahome has a therapeutic and preventive action on a range of illnesses such as asthma, psoriasis, cardio-circulatory pathologies and type 1 diabetes. It works by re-equilibrating the functional balance, constantly altered by toxic substances breathed in through the air, of the immune, endocrine, neurological and reproductive systems.

The beneficial action of Aurahome means that it is possible to treat a whole group of pathologies and not just one single illness, as is usually the case with pharmacological therapies.

Aurahome, with no contro-indications or collateral effects , has quickly-noticeable positive consequences and wide-ranging benefits for those present in its “protected” environments.

The therapeutic and preventive action of Aurahome results in an enhanced level of physical well-being that can be seen in: • cure of current pathologies • improvement in the functional balance of the altered organic system • improvement in the functionality and efficiency of the immune, endocrine, neurological and reproductive systems.

Aurahome is already used in hospitals (in operating theatres and intensive care wards), in the military sector (inside submarines) and in the transport sector. Its effectiveness has been repeatedly tested and certified over the last 15 years by many Universities, Health structures, Hospitals and Research centres, both in Italy and abroad.

Aurahome can be installed in both private and public environments (houses, offices, shops, laboratories, etc) mounted on either a wall bracket (fig. 1) or free-standing base (fig. 2).

One Aurahome unit is sufficient for an area of 40 m2".

Ann's NOTE: This company sent us their scientific papers which will be posted shortly.

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