ASCO Meetings

ASCO/ACS-CAM  1999/2001/2002

Am Soc of Clinical Oncology discussing alternative medicine May 1999

ASCO/ACS Symposium on Integrative Medicine, 2001
CAM-Viewpoint of Wendy S. Harpham, MD
ASCO 2008

Chicago, June 2008

Stage III Colon Cancer Pts Western vs Prudent Diet
Comments by Ralph Moss on 08 ASCO
ASCO 2007

Meeting in Chicago, June 2007 many abstracts, press releases, articles

Anthracyclines & Topoll-2 8% of Users Benefit (BCa)
Ralph Moss Reports on ASCO 2007
Ann Fonfa's Comments on CAM meeting at ASCO 2007
Aminoglycoside-induced deafness in leukemic patients
Ginseng May Help Ease Fatigue
Less Intense Treatment for Advanced Neuroblastoma Achieves High Survival Rates
Flaxseed May Delay Prostate Cancer Growth
Avemar increased Effect of Tamoxifen on MCF7 (ER+) Cells
Afr Am Fare Worse Bevacizumab (Avastin) Colorectal Ca Study
ASCO 2006

Various reports Atlanta, 6/06

Patient/Physician Communication on Treatment/Prognosis
Abstracts from ASCO 2006
Effect of Lifestyle Factors on Breast Ca Prognosis
ASCO 2005

Various abstracts and articles

Integrative Cancer Care: Development of Therapeutic Paradigm
Identification of Retrovirus in Human Breast Cancer
ASCO 2004


Excerpts from Ralph Moss' Report on ASCO, 2004
Yondelis - 'novel' marine-derived anti-tumor agent
Children w/ALL Deficient in Antioxidant Vitamins
Finasteride: Cost-effectiveness/Lifetime Implications
Abstracts from ASCO, 2004
ASCO 2003

Various abstracts Am Society for Clinical Oncology

Phenoxodiol, a Naturally Occurring Isoflavinoid
Phase 1 Trial of Flavopiridol & Chemo
Phase 1 Study of Bryostatin-1 & Gemcitabine
Amifostine to Prevent Xerostomia of Head/Neck RTX
CAM Among Cancer Patients
Accelerated FDA Approval Assoc w/Later ID Adverse Effects
Excessive Tearing & Canalicular Blockage:Docetaxel
Under 35 Breast Cancer in Turkey
Abnormal Regional Brain Metabolism After Chemo
Outcome: Invas Lobular w/Inv Ductal
Update on Royal Marsden Tamoxifen Prevention Trial
ASCO 2001-Meeting Abstracts

Am Soc of Clinical Oncology

#1628 Use of Herbal & Vitamin Therapies in Adult Cancer Pts
#1622 Long Term Adjustment of Survivors of Early Stage Bca (20 yrs)
#1484 Girls at Higher Risk for 2nd Malignancies than Boys?
#1967 Survival of Metastatic Bca Pts at Integrative Medicine Clinic
#1606 Topical NAC to Reduce Severity of Oral Mucositis
#260 Gamma Linolenic Acid as Radiation Response Modifier
#2995 Differences In Psychological Functioning Using CAM
#2996 Hot Flashes and Acupuncture
#1542 Goal of Chemotherapy: Little Agreement Between Pts and Docs
#3115 Strategies To Identify Herbal Compounds for Clinical Trials
#2529 Prospective Look at In Vitro Assay Determining Chemos
#970 Survey of Modalities of Toxicity Assessement/Reporting
ASCO 2002

Variety of articles and abstracts May 18-21, 2002 Orlando, FL

Tech Assess:Aromatase Inhib (Adjuvant)
FDA Presents: Tamoxifen & Uterine Sarcoma
Survival/QOL: Advanced Pancreatic Ca
9-cis retin acid vs 13-cis+alpha-tocoph vs placebo
Pts Who Smoke w/ Chemo/Rads
Zolendronic Acid & Mets from Solid Tumors
Use of CAM in Phase I Clinical Trials
Pregnancy :Lymphoma Pt Not Adverse Prognosis
Unwanted Results:Failure to Publish
Operational Bias in Assessing Time to Progression (TTP)
ASCO 2000

Studies presented quality of life and more

Study on Testicular Cancer Survivors
Photodynamic Therapy-Head/Neck
Tamoxifen and ER- Tumors
Difference in  Expectations.

New York TImes, 5/28/02 Re ASCO 2002

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