Asian Americans in Clinical Cancer Trials

Representation of Asian Americans in Clinical Cancer Trials

Alexander GA, Chu KC, Ho RC, et al.Ann Epidemiol 2000;10:S61-67

Purpose: The objectives of this study are to analyze the accrual of Asian Americans to National Cancer Institute (NCI)-supported prevention, screening/diagnosis, and treatment trials and to determine if there is proportional ethnic representation.

Methods: Data were obtained on all participants accrued to ongoing prevention and screening/ diagnosis trials and on all patients accrued to treatment trials from 1994 to mid-1998. In the analysis, the percentage of Asian Americans to the total number of trial participants is calculated. For treatment trials, participants were stratified into five age groups: 0-20 years, 21-44 years, 45-54 years, 55-64 years, and 65 or more years.

Results: Asian Americans represented 4.8% of subjects accrued in screening/diagnosis trials, 1.8 to 2.2% of subjects in treatment trials, and 0.9% of subjects in prevention trials. Comparison of treatment trial age groups revealed that younger Asian Americans participate significantly more in treatment trials than older Asian Americans.

Conclusions: Asian American accrual in NCI-supported trials is representative of the cancer burden of Asian Americans in the United States. However, Asian Americans 65+ years are underrepresented. Their full participation in cancer trials is justified.    Thanks to Medscape

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