The Answer to Cancer...

THE ANSWER TO CANCER Is Never Giving it a Chance to Start

by Hari Sharma, M.D.,Ramakant Mishra, G.A.M.S, and James G. Meade, Ph.D.

Select Books, 2002

It's the first book of its kind in many ways.

It dares to tackle cancer with a back-to-the-basics approach: detailing, as it promises, very simple ways to avert a very big calamity.

It combines cutting edge modern medical knowledge with the ancient wisdom of the East.

It offers a deep ayurvedic perspective on cancer.

It presents that perspective in a fun, inspiring way.The chapter headings--Just Detox, Ma'am, Just Detox, Shake the Sugar Shackles--should give you a clue as to the tone.

So what makes this book so special?

Style: Hari Sharma is a best-selling author, whose path-breaking book, Freedom From Disease won wide acclaim for its success in describing a complex concept in the simplest of ways.

Ramakant Mishra is a revered vaidya--Ayurvedic expert-- who has, over the years, performed the double-duty of not only guiding hundreds of Americans on the path to wellness, but also demystifying Ayurveda for them.

Add to that the punch that James G. Meade's words pack, and you have one of the raciest reads on cancer you can find.

Content:The book starts with the observation that modern medicine virtually disregards cancer prevention, limiting itself to recommending early detection. The promise of this book, therefore, is to tell readers how to stop cancer before it begins. It does that with great success, going systematically from the ABC of cancer to the intricacies, without ever sounding preachy.

Each chapter offers surprisingly simple you-can-do-it advice on anti-cancer living. Start your day with a stewed apple. Cook with turmeric. Be nice! Each tip comes with the inspiring message that it really is in your hands to fight and win, howsoever small your army might be. You know that the advice is more than just words--it works! It is backed by Hari Sharma's scientific insights and Vaidya Mishra's timeless wisdom. If they tell you cook with turmeric, for instance, they tell you that it stimulates the cells' DNA as well as complements every taste identified in Ayurveda.

If they talk about exercise, they explain that it not only lowers cholesterol but also balances out your doshas.

A liberal sprinkling of delicious-yet-healthful recipes, easy ways to keep common illnesses like colds at bay, tips on getting better sleep--all these make it more than a cancer book.

They make it a guide for everyone who wants to live fit, happy, and long.

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Dr. Sharma on Turmeric:excerpt

Excerpt from the book

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