Ann's Letter to USDA on

the Need for Organic Food

name = Fonfa, Ann E date = 03/18/2000

As a breast cancer patient using foods and other natural products as treatment, I am very concerned about maintaining the value of the term organic. I ask that you not weaken the proposed ruling. Please consider also the plight of the small, local (currently) organic farmer. Do not penalize them financially or in other ways. They have helped people like myself all these years. I currently pruchase the bulk of my organic produce at local green markets.

I hope that strict standards will be enacted to keep "biotech" plants and seeds separate from my organically grown product. Many times serious problems arise sometime down the line (timewise). I hope we will NOT be destroying plantlife as we know it through this genetic manipulation.

Thank you for your attention. I maintain a website for cancer patients and will be keeping the over 3000 people who access my site, informed as to the progress of these rules and regulations.


Ann E. Fonfa New York, NY

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