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In case you are wondering, Ann Fonfa (volunteer president, The Annie Appleseed Project) is standing on the right. This is an organic lunch buffet from our 2009 annual educational meeting.

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Some of our accomplishments in our first ten years online. Will open as a new page

April 2009

The Community Foundation of Palm Beach County (where we are headquartered), just awarded us Honorable Mention at their Non Profits Going Green luncheon as the Most Green with the Least Green!

We are thrilled and proud, and of course anyone who wants to donate so we have more green in the form of dollars, is most welcome to!

Most Green with the Least Green.

Who created this website? A woman with breast cancer and an attitude.

Although this Project began as Ann Fonfa's personal answers to questions on natural(CAM) therapies, it has become a nationally recognized organization, and is now a non profit corporation in the state of Florida. (May 23, 2003)and tax exempt, 501 (c)3 as of August, 2003. We are located at 7319 Serrano Terrace, Delray Beach, FL 33446-2215. (561) 749-0084 Best means of contact is email: annieappleseedpr@aol.com

From its inception the Annie Appleseed Project decided to Challenge the Existing treatment paradigm, to Question the existing research methods and subjects, and to Propose new directions for both ending with true Integrative Oncology. Thus the program name Cheqpt, designed to bring complementary, alternative therapies to the mainstream as soon as may be, while serving as a place where all ideas are scrutinized.

Almost two million people have visited this site in the last twelve months, and thousands have heard Ann Fonfa speak at various meetings. For what it's worth, this site is ranked 94,719 according to Rank.com

Other people with cancer have gotten involved and produced reports on treatment responses, clinic visits, meetings attended and much more. We now offer financial support to advocates who attend meetings, write reports, hand out our brochures, etc. We need your support to continue to represent the people who use complementary or alternative cancer therapies.

IRS Determination Letter,The Annie Appleseed Project (will open as a new page)

We did not file with the IRS until 2006 - here are original expenses and receipts:

The Annie Appleseed Project submitted a 990 for Fiscal 2006/07/08/09. Contact us to receive a copy or you can view the most recent IRS filing as a new page shown below:

Receipts 7/01/03 6/30/04 $ 3588.78 7/01/04 6/30/05 $12,525.79 7/01/05 6/30/06 $18,218.58 (filed a 990EZ although not legally required to 7/01/06 - 6/30/07 $36,822 (filed our first legally required 990EZ)

Expenses 7/01/03 6/30/04 $ 2223.24 7/01/04 6/30/05 $ 8838.86 7/01/05 6/30/06 $16,444.50 7/01/06 - 6/30/07 $22,841.00

During Fiscal 2007 which ends on June 30, 2008, we hosted our first national conference "Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies". It was very expensive, but totally worth it, since we offered scholarships to all who needed them, and served organic food! And in 2009, our 2nd Annual meeting March 3-5, 2011 is our 4th. Most of the contributions we receive (63%) are $100 or less. Any and all amounts are appreciated.

December 2011 We are in the process of uploading 2010 990-EZ filings(a paid accountant prepared these forms). This will open to a new page.

2010 990EZ

2009 Schedule A

2009 Schedule B

2008 EZ Part III p2

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Ann Fonfa on EmpowerRadio with Mel Majoros (self-proclaimed Facebook junkie and cancer survivor)February 2011

The mission of The Annie Appleseed Project is to provide information, education, advocacy and awareness for people with cancer about natural therapies/substances, lifestyle issues, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and other issues from the patient perspective.

PHOTO People get information from us at meetings around the country.

We support people with cancer making more fully informed treatment decisions.

We're members of the Society for Integrative Oncology, American Association for Cancer Research (2005-7), Organic Consumers Association, and the National Breast Cancer Coalition.


If you are looking for scientific justification for using food/nutrition, or dietary supplements,please check out the Studies section.

Pregnancy after cancer, Studies section.

Detoxification, Treatment section.

Antioxidants and cancer, Studies section.

Specific alternative cancer therapies, see Treatment section.

Questions on cancer clinics, see Cancer Clinics Worldwide

Employment safety and cancer, see Environmental Issues.

September 8, 2009 HON Code - Health on the Internet sent us the following statement:

"As part of our subsequent monitoring process, we revisited your Web site and reviewed it for its HONcode compliance.

Upon this process we certify its full compliance with all HONcode principles. We are therefore very pleased to herewith inform you that your HONcode certificate has been extended for the following year".

Annie Appleseed Project Board of Directors

Updated April 2011

Linda McDonald, CLMTA
James West, JWest Prostate Cancer Foundation
Donna Weintraub, CSW, Secretary/Treasurer
Helayne Waldman, M.S., Ed.D, N.E.
Walter Green
Ann Fonfa's Bio & Protocol
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In Memory / In Honor of
Guidestar For Donations
Info Gathering on the Internet-Seekers Find Us
Advisory Board

Officially formed October 2008

Frances H Goodwin, Lic.Ac.
Jill Ayn Schneider
David S. Most, PhD
Lynne Farrow - Breast Cancer Choices
Julia Chiappetta, Author, Breast Cancer - The Notebook
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Ann Fonfa's  Bio & Protocol

What I do and what I take.(8/06) See Ann Fonfa's photo here

Protocol 1999 - 2001
New Unexpectedly Good Results
Article on Personal Success
Current Protocol - Last Posting 10/06
I'm a Breast Cancer Activist, by Ann Fonfa
New Cancer Drug Approved, But Does it Prolong Life?
Interview with Ann Fonfa, founder Annie Appleseed Project
Add to Your Knowledge by Ann Fonfa MedPageToday
Ann Fonfa responds to "When Doctors are Patients..."
Ann Fonfa Speaks in NYC May 19, 2011
Negotiating this site

Some basics about the site

Permanence of Web Page References
Privacy and Security
Advertising & Editorial Policy
How to put together a Healthy Eating Plan
Never Again

Ann's poem about the loss of her breasts

Advocates & Conflict of Interest

Statment by Margaret Borwhat Women's Cancer Advocacy Network, 1/04

Ann's Comments: Pharmaceutical Give-aways
Disclosure Letter (for Advocate Donations) Suggested 6/07
Testimony to Congress

Access to alternative treatments

Tamoxifen (and SERMS)

Issues for use by Healthy women and women with cancer

Random Thoughts on the PREVENTION trials
SPORE Study: New Guidelines for Tamoxifen Use
Low Dose Tamoxifen Effective: 1/20th?
Excerpts:7th Intl Conf Adj Therapy
Drug Costs
BCPT1:Tamoxifen hearings 1998
Gail Model May Fail Women Under 40.
Safe for Fewer Healthy Women
Europe: Benefits/Risk of Tamoxifen-Healthy Women
Tamoxifen and ER- Tumors
Era Of Hope Speech
Press Release: Cancer Prevention Coalition
Letter: Wall Street Journal 1998
IUD May Protect Tam Users
STAR Trial
Tamoxifen & Beneficial Interactions
Symptoms & Adverse Effects: Reporting
Tamoxifen for High Risk and BRCA1/2
Chemoprevention Guidelines From Canada
Tamoxifen and Risk of Contralateral Bca
Tamoxifen and Breast Tumor Vascularity
Tam & Serum Leptin in Bca Pts
FDA Warns AstraZeneca Over Ads
Estrogen Level = Effect of Raloxifene
UK: Healthy Women,No Clear Benefit
Aromatase Inhibitors/Estrogen Dominance
Comparison of SERMS & Tamoxifen (MICE)
FDA Presents: Tamoxifen & Uterine Sarcoma
Recommendations: US Prev Svcs Task Force
Test Developed: Who Needs Tamoxifen
Age/Body Mass Index Affect Tam Metabolism
Tamoxifen & Benign Breast Disease
AIB1, Tam, Survival Issues
Acupuncture for Meno-symptoms w/Tamoxifen Use
Tamoxifen for Women with Breast Ca:Basics
Antidepressants supress Tamoxifen's Value
Raloxifene & Pre-menopausal Women
Endocrine Therapy Better Than Chemo? ER+
Antidepressants and Tamoxifen: Some Harmful
Vitamin A /Maitake Mushrooms

Substances used to reduce chest wall recurrences, by Ann Fonfa

Update on Ann's Protocol
Update on a Maitake D-fraction Study
Vitamin A Information
Retinoids (analogue for Vitamin A) used in Treatment
ER negative Tumors and Retinoids
COX-2 Inhibitor: Maitaike Mushroom
Maitake Products Named Research Sponsor Sloan Kettering
This site wins awards

For CONTENT!!! and from many different groups

Website Reviewer Says

The Project is well regarded, January 2000

Various Articles By and About Ann Fonfa

From the NOW NYC Newsletter and other Advocacy Issues/feminist perspective

I'm a Breast Cancer Activist
Ann's Thoughts for Cancerlynx.com
Absolute #s BEST for Discussing Treatment Options

Blood test for cancer

Updated Publications List
Here is what a cancer patient had to say about AMAS
Another Patient Speaks
MR's comment on AMAS
Dr. Douglas Brodie's Perspective
Conversations w/Dr. Sam Bogosh (AMAS)
MB Speaks about Her Experiences
AMAS as a Cancer Test - Studies
If you are chemically sensitive like Ann

Link here for MCS sufferers this condition more recognition

Internet Effectiveness Study

Women with Breast Cancer, 11/04

11-page article on  Annie Appleseed Project

Alternative Medicine Magazine, November-December, 2004 Issue

Breast Cancer: Choosing Wisely w/Alt Treatments - Fonfa
Events we've been part of
Worried About CODEX?

Information and a link

Survey Results

Results of survey, begun 8/14/06

Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.

This site is like an Encyclopedia - there are many pages, many links on many topics.

Support our work with any size DONATION - see left side of any page - for how to donate. You can help raise awareness of CAM.