Ann Fonfa's Letter to Researcher Anne McTiernan


Dear Anne:

We read your article "Behavioral Risk Factors in Breast Cancer: Can Risk Be Modified", with great interest. We have the following comments and invite your response.

1. Chemicals stored in fat cells:

Many advocates are convinced that when we have developed appropriate measures of the negative effects of chemicals in our food, air and water, we will see that their effect is within our own bodies.

2. Fruits and vegetables:

Many researchers have acknowledged that the populations captured in their studies rarely if ever come close to even 5 servings a day (and NCI is recommending 9). Most have compared as little as one serving a month to one or two a week. Thus the true value of fruits and vegetables has not yet been found.

3. Our society promotes unhealthy food patterns:

Advertising of 'junk' food takes place constantly. Many drink diet sodas and coffee to the exclusion of all else. Purchasing organically grown foods is not at all easy and tends to be expensive. Information for healthy eating is hard to find. Most do not understand the parameters.

4. It is fairly clear that once a woman or man is diagnosed with (breast) cancer, that is a teachable moment. Unfortunately few cancer centers even have a nutritionist on staff. And the oncologist (least knowledgeable person on nutrition), has to recommend that the patient see the nutritionist.

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Ann F.

Ann Fonfa President, The Annie Appleseed Project a non profit corporation in Florida

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