Ann Fonfa's Letter to EPA on Human Subjects/ Pesticide Testing

"As the President of The Annie Appleseed Project, and a woman living with (breast) cancer, I must protest the use of human subjects to test pesticides. There is NO perceived benefit for the subjects and only potential harm.

Science has not yet worked out how to assess damages from long-term or short-term use of such chemicals. It would be wrong to begin testing without such methods established.

EPA suggests cumulative and combinatorial effects may exist, they too have yet to be fully explored.

I suggest we are very far from allowing testing on human subjects.

The Annie Appleseed Project fully supports the Precautionary Principle in this and many other instances.

Please stick to tough and appropriate standards for exposure levels for children and pregnant moms, and use the agency's resources to promote known alternatives to reduce the need for toxic pesticides.

Thank you.

Ann E. Fonfa


The Annie Appleseed Project

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