Animal/Pets LINKS

Variety of links

Vet Advice Line

LINK to info, homeopathy, find local vets, etc.


Holistic, natural supplements for dogs & cats

Acupunture Finder

LINK to article on Veterinary Medicine and acupuncture

Dog Gone Pain

LINK to site offering supplement to "revitalize older dogs, physically & mentally

Dog Chefs of America

LINK to nutrition for dogs run by a cancer 'thriver'

Nutritional Medicine for Cats and Dogs

LINK to Cold River Veterinary Center, Vermont

Purrs and Wags

LINK to site for holistic pet meds (Ray Hunt)

Aloha Medicinals for Pets

LINK to Dog Cancer and K-9 Immunity product and information

Shirley's Wellness Cafe

LINK to site from the patient perspective (people and animals)

Companion Animal Tumor Registry

LINK to Cornell University site

Animal Pet Group on Yahoo

LINK to group "We take cats, dogs, and people" interested in salves and alt cancer treatments.

Vetinary Istitute of Integrative Medicine

LINK - their comprehensive resource page here

Shiatsu for Horses

LINK to site - English and French with information

Natures Pet

LINK: "natural and holistic products designed to enhance & extend the life of your pet".

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