Anvirzel-an Herbal Extract - Oleander

Steve Solsbery of Texas-based Ozelle Pharmaceuticals says that his company has developed a new weapon against cancer and AIDS called ANVIRZEL(TM). The drug is an herbal extract which is nontoxic and causes no adverse side effects.

Closed clinical trials are showing that the drug is especially effective against prostate and breast cancer. All of the AIDS patients that have received injections with ANVIRZEL(TM) recovered from AIDS-related infections and felt physically and psychologically fit after treatment.

Clinical trials on AIDS are being planned in Canada. Solesbery hopes that the drug will be approved in Europe later this year or in early 1998. Commercialization of the drug is planned for 1998. In the U.S. the company is compiling scientific data in an effort to fast track FDA approval.

UPDATE: Anvirzel is made in Texas presently, but only available in Honduras. You can fly down to Honduras to get a six month supply, costing under $9,000.00. The FDA has approved clinical trials at the Cleveland Cancer Clinic, and a report is expected to be issued as early as April, 2000.

Posted May 1999

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Anvirzel-U.S. Patent #5,135,745

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