Anticancer - Dr. Servan-Schreiber

Ann Fonfa, founder of this website and the Annie Appleseed Project heard Dr. Servan-Schreiber speak at the 2009 Society for Integrative Oncology conference.

He was terrific and inspiring. His book is a best seller using many of the common sense ideas we offer on this site.

Some text from their website

Anticancer describes natural methods of health care that contribute to preventing the development of cancer or to bolstering treatment. They are meant to serve as a complement to conventional approaches (such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy)

Dr. Servan-Schreiber's book shares his new view on life as a cancer survivor. He explores both traditional and non-traditional approaches to prevent, fight and treat cancer. His book explains how anyone can incorporate these healthier approaches into their life.

Behavioral changes slow the growth of cancer cells Anticancer outlines the role of diet, exercise, stress management and the environment in reducing your chances for cancer.

Avoiding certain chemicals found in household cleaning products and perfumes is one way you can control your environment. Healthy changes to everyday life can reduce cancer risks by stopping the growth of cancer cells, which he calls “outlaws.

” These changes, even if they are small, strengthen the immune system. They also reduce cell inflammation, which “outlaws” need to grow.

“All in all, anything that boosts our immune system fights cancer,” Servan-Schreiber says. “And, certain food items or behaviors that have anti-inflammatory properties can help stop cancer from spreading.”

Lots more great ideas from him to be found in the book. And he is very actively promoting this to the cancer community.

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