And Now the Silly Part of ASCO/ACS CAM Meeting, 2001

Ann Fonfa had an opportunity to ask several questions of the final panel.

Dr. Charles Loprinzi, Mayo Clinic stated that several alternative therapies had been disproven, among them laetrile and hydrazine sulfate.

I asked him if it were not true that since laetrile's active ingredient is said to be cyanide, and since cyanide is currently the subject of study in the UK (as a cancer drug), that the question had NOT been settled.

He sort of agreed.

Then I asked why NCI had not told cancer patients that hydrazine sulfate acted as an MAO inhibitor? This means there are drugs and many foods that will interact badly with hydrazine sulfate.

Loprinzi became extremely angry and said that "we" were not told about that.

I did not have the opportunity to ask a follow up question, but that would have been, how can these hydrazine sulfate studies be considered failures when such important information was unknown.

Setting aside the question of why Dr. Joseph Gold (see Treatment section for much more on hydrazine sulfate), would leave out this critical information in a trial he hoped would demonstrate the efficacy of the product, an important question is left.

Loprinzi was still telling audiences that hydrazine sulfate was a failure (and even killed people) when he KNOWS that this important, nay critical information was left out (why it was left out does not matter at all).

The folks at WBAI, radio pacifica in NYC, asked me to 'produce' a radio program on any topic I wanted.

I told them the above story and it is possible we could get Dr. Charles Loprinzi on the telephone (on the radio) to respond to the follow up questions). We never got the chance to do this as I left New York City at the end of January, 2003.

Story on Hydrazine Sulfate from Alternative Perspective


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