Hyperthermia (Heat Treatments)

1/10 JNCI posts an article on Hyperthermia see below.

10/06 - see study on Avascular Necrosis in Children below.

Back in 1977, The American Cancer Society removed hyperthermia from its Unproven Cancer Therapies list and in 1984, it was approved by FDA for cancer treatment. But it is difficult to find in the U.S.

9/05 More and more work is done in this area, the body of EVIDENCE grows, yet it has still not reached most patients. What a system!

Cancer Facts from National Cancer Institute

On Hyperthermia- last reviewed 1999

Big Boost For Hyperthermia
Avascular osteonecrosis AFTER  hyprthrmia in childrn & adolscnts

Intl J Hyperthermia, 9/06

Dutch Study on Hyperthermia

From The Lancet 2000

Hyperthermia  In Gyn Cancers

Eur J Cancer, 7/01

Liposomal Doxorubicin & Local Hyperthermia
Neoadjuvant Chemo/Hyperthermia
Hyperthermia Boosts Remission in Cervical Ca
Hyperthermia & Advanced Liver Ca

J Surg Oncol, 8/01

Loco-Regional Hyperthermia

Article Q&A from Dr. Douwes, 2005

Russian Researchers Heat Body Temperature w/Baths

Reuters Health Information, 11/01

Whole Body Hyperthermia:German View

Dt Arztebl, 2000 German Journal

Long-term Local Hyperthermia & Advanced Bca

Anticancer Res, 11-12/01

Hyperthemia:Duke Comprehensive Cancer Ctr.

Phase I trial (reported by Science Daily, 5/02

Lancet Oncology Review

PR Newswire, 9/02

Hypothermia-Lowering Temperatures

Anticancer Res, 11-12/02

Concurrent Heat & H7

Breast Can Res Treat, 2/03

Body RTx / Hyprthrmia:Dendritic Immnthpy

AACR Abstract #LB-108, 2003

Hyperthermia & Chemotherapy in Soft Tissue Sarcomas

ASCO 2003 From Press Release of BSD Medical Corp.

Various Chemotherapies & Mild Hyperthermia
Intravesical Chemo w/wo Hyperthermia
Thermorchemotherapy Better for Bladder Ca
Quercetin & Hyperthermia

Intl J Hyperthermia, 7/01

Quercetin Sensitizes Cells to Hyperthermia
Synergistic Reversal effect quercetin & hyperthermia: doxorubicin
P53, Quercetin and Hyperthermia
QOL Locally Advanced Prostate & Hyperthermia/RTx

Intl J Hyperthermia, 7/03

Interstitial Microwave Thermal Therapy & Recurrent Prostate Ca
Carcinogenic Effects of Hyperthermia?

Intl J Hyperthermia, 5/03

Hyperthermia-induced Pathophysiology, Central Nerv Sys
Adverse Effects of Temp Levels in Humans:Conclusions
Cytotoxicity of Perrilyl Alcohol & Ca Cells W/Hyperthermia
Anesthesia & Whole Body Hyperthemia: Experiences

Intl J Hyperthermia, 1/03

Local Hyperthermia & External RTx: Locoregional BCa

Intl J Clin Onc, 6/04

Heat Before Radiation Therapy Shrinks Tumors
Focused Microwave Thermotherapy Reduces Mastectomies
Cole Center for Healing - Hyperbarics

LINK to Cincinnati,OH-based clinic

Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia

LINK to Lase Med Inc.site Some strong photos

Valley Cancer Institute/Bicher Cancer Institute

LINK to Los Angeles, CA clinic offering Hyperthermia

BSD Medical

LINK to mfg of "systems to treat cancer using heat therapy as provided by focused radio frequency and microwave energy".

Effects of Hyperthermia on Central Nervous System (animals)

Int'l J Hyperthermia, 8/05

Host antitumour immune responses to HIFU ablation

Int'l Journal of Hyperthermia, 3/07

Molecularly Targeted Therapeutic Heat & BCA Cells

J Nuclear Med, 3/07

Heating Gold Nanorods to Destroy Cancer Cells

Science Daily, May 5, 2009

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