Anne Caputi after Treatment with Carnivora


One of the things that was amazing to me after I returned from my first trip to Germany for treatment was that other than being fatigued from the rigors of treatment and having just unloaded an enormous tumor load, was that I soon felt better than I had in my entire adult life. Not only had we successfully knocked my cancer way way back, but as I said in an earlier post this week, I know that the non-toxic immune building therapies greatly enhanced my health, my immunity, and my vitality.

No more chronic fatigue, no more herpes outbreaks, compare that to a course of surgery, chemo, and radiation! Dr. Keller infuses Carnivora when the patient is at peak temperature in whole body hyperthermia. Tissues are very receptive at this time, so the benefits are greatly augmented, and in addition to killing viruses, microbes etc, this and other treatments enhance! the body's defense system instead of destroying it.

I was so excited to come home and feel like I was thriving thanks to the treatments, rather than experiencing devastation.

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