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May 19, 2011 - It is with great sorrow that we report the death of our board member Kenneth Schueler, a health coach and great friend to many people with cancer. Ken was a diabetic, a survivor of Stage IV Lymphoma who developed pancreatic cancer, diagnosed last month.

He began taking chemotherapy (was released from the hospital after his first infusion) and was considering the addition of Chinese herbs, when he died unexepectedly at home after a huge drop in blood pressure. HIs beloved daughter, Alexandra told us about it.

The funeral serivce will be held on Tuesday, May 24 at All Soul's Church in Manhatan. His body has already been cremated in accordance with his wishes.

Ken was a very warm and loving, kind man. Those of you who met him at our annual conference, will recall a dapper, business-suited individual who enjoyed life.

RIP Ken.


Our Board of Directors consists of Ms. Donna Weintraub (Secretary/Treasurer), CSW, High Falls, New York, Ms. Linda McDonald, Vice Preisdent, Mr. Ken Schueler, Mr. James (Jim) West, Mr. Walter (Walt) Green, joined the board April 2011, and Ms. Ann Fonfa, Founder (President) (for more information on Ann, see below). We are still seeking to appoint one or two new members.

Linda McDonald, CLMTA
Linda McDonald, CLMTA

Sarasota, FL board member

James West, JWest Prostate Cancer Foundation
James West, JWest Prostate Cancer Foundation

Florida advocate extrordinaire

Donna Weintraub, CSW, Secretary/Treasurer
Donna Weintraub, CSW, Secretary/Treasurer

Helayne Waldman, M.S.,  Ed.D, N.E.
Helayne Waldman, M.S., Ed.D, N.E.

Board Member from California Joined February 2010

Walter Green
Walter Green

Joined board, April 2011

Ann Fonfa's  Bio & Protocol
Ann Fonfa's Bio & Protocol

What I do and what I take.(8/06) See Ann Fonfa's photo here

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