Angry and upset family member's comments

NOT sure about this but we received this email in November 2010 and just got asked by the senders, Fred and Erica, if we had posted it. So here it is on December 29, 2010.

We have been to Paracelsus and believe it is necessary to caution patients about it. They have used primitive treatment methods my wife nearly died but for not running out of it.

1. We hate to see innocent American people like us get hurt by Thomas Rau. Rau operates his clinic as his personal fiefdom. Its as if you are put on a train ride regardless of your condition, cancer or a headache. Its "one size fits all". They really do not have the proper concept of medicine or healing. Its really about how much money they can extract from the patient and keep the patient as long as they can.

The clinic does attract many innocent Americans who are mistaken by the name of going to Switzerland for treatment. We were one of those people and we were hurt badly by Rau.

2. The train ride. The system is set up that they don't like it if you begin on a Tuesday. Everyone is to begin on Monday. Regardless of your illness everyone gets the same schedule.

Paracelus is a factory production. No matter if the patient has cancer, or a head ache everyone is receiving the same infusions, everyone gets colon cleansing, dark field microsope and 1 year supply of medication on first day!! Yes that is really true and people are coming from the Paracelsus private pharmacy located at the clinic with bags of stuff without even having a full diagnosis or blood results available!! That is really an excessive rip off.

No one knows if they need all the same medicines and supplements for 12 months, and certainly when they have not have full diagnosis. Besides the train ride treatments, there are quite a few tests. But after seeing Rau in his little kingdom on day one, you get 12 months of stuff. Its sounds like it can't be true, but it is. Patients are sick and they are being taken advantage of. Its really a shame.

If you try to tailor your treatment you will feel the wheels grinding around you. When we brought our concerns to Rau he actually insulted and abused us badly. My wife was very ill and this is extremly inhumane. This is not a doctor, this a businessman counting the checks. At least my wife is alive we are here to write to you to warn others to be careful and throughly check the organisation before going. It is a great responsibility for your organisation to provide a balanced account of these places.

3. Then all patients are then sent to their on site dental clinic. Rau himself orders the dentist to extract all teeth with fillings or root canal. Worse they claimed to be an updated holistic dental department but they primitively extract all the teeth of every patient who steps into the Paracelus clinic.

Its a big money clinic and they don't even have 3-D Xrays !! They use their judgement, it is sheer guess work and we had at least two patients suffering there from zirconium implants falling out. True story.

In our case the dentist left bits and parts of the teeth and roots in the gum causing infection, lots of pain and misery to my wife. If we didn't stop they were going to put in implants after the extractions.

This is done for Rau's benefit, when the patient become helpless without teeth. With their simple dental offices, I am sure their profits are extremely high from the prices they charge. I went to their dental laboratory upstairs and it was like a cheap unorganised factory. They put excessive extra dental fees on the bill which absolutely no one there could explain. I suppose because their lab is so unorganised they put this excess on to protect their mismanagment. This is Switzerland, the land of precision, accounting and banking.

4. They advertise they have the best Zirconia implants. However they place them manually. As mentioned above, they do not have a 3-D scan to assist the implant placement, which the better dental clinics use. You must sign a form before implants that they are not responsible for any Zirconia implants. If it break s you have to pay for it. Its very primitive.

We were sent home with temporary caps which fell off after a couple of days. Our local dentist was horrified and shocked at the low quality Paracelsus provided. The edges of the prostethic were cutting my wife's gums, and our dentist showed us the edges were not heat treated to be rounded, it was just rough cut with a knife.

We should have never been allowed to leave the clinic with such poor works. They really turned out to be high- priced crooks.

5. The facts of our experience at Paracelsus is unbelievable pain, loss, grief. There is no turning back time, the numerous mistakes from Rau and his team at the clinic are irreversible. Quite a few American friends who we met there wanted to sue Rau for his bad treatments but said it is very difficult to do so under Swiss law. Some were waiting for his arrival to the USA and serve him there so the law suit is in the USA. They really had enough of it.

Paracelus advertises as a Swiss Method, but it is Thomas Rau's little kingdom where he shows no mercy or healing to any of the innocent patients who step in. In the process of 3 weeks we wasted more than $35,000 not quite aware of the how much was spent as they only wish to provide a bill at the end. I insisted and wasn't well liked by the staff.

As I mentioned all staff are trained to book every patient to all their programs (get on the train) regardless of your illness. Rau attributes every sickness to mercury and he fails to treat any symptom. He recommends Rau's soup and converts patient to be vegetarian. My wife did follow his regime for several months and it just made her weaker. Another clinic seeing her new blood results saw massive deficiencies. Rau had not provided for those, probably because his pharmacy did not stock it.

We are normal people and believe Rau is going directly to hell to burn for his evil intentions and misdeeds. For now he is certainly a very wealthy man.

But let's try to protect innocent people. Let patients ask the questions upfront, the hard questions as well as the soft. Let them see how the clinic responds. Also by alerting patients about the train system they have the opportunity to opt out of what they don't want.

PEOPLE'S LIVES AT STAKE HERE. FOR GOD'S SAKE as Ronald Regan said, "TRUST BUT VERIFY". People like yourself and your organisation can truly make a difference. As paitients we should not allow Rau to abuse, should lose not gain from his current ways.

Sent by email November 26, 2010 by Fred and Erica

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