Am Institute for Cancer Research

This organization funds research into Food, Nutrition and Cancer, publishing a summary of their findings every ten years or so. Unfortunately from our perspective, they elect to fund exploration of an individual element rather than cumulative effects which we believe to be VERY important. This is the same model used by NIH and does not move research into natural therapies as much as it should.

Diet/Nutrition AICR 10/97

A look at global research

Amer Inst for Cancer Research: Nutrition & Cancer Patients

May 8, 2001 Research funds to be used for nutrition and cancer patients

American Inst for Cancer Research, 7/01

Using nutrition for cancer patients

Presentations as published in J Nutrition
Defending Against Cancer w/Food (one version)
Defending Against Cancer w/Food
Int'l Research Conf on Food, Nutrition & Cancer (AICR)2002

July 11-12, 2002 Full conference summary

Abstract: Reduction of Colon Tumors (Rats) & Almonds
Abstract: Low Fruit/Veg Intake & Risk of Lung Ca w/Radon
American Inst for Cancer Research, 2003

Excerpts and abstracts

Diet & Cancer: What's Next?
Dietary Supplements w/Ca Therapy
Food, Nutrition and Cancer - AICR 2004

Am Institute for Cancer Research, 2004

Intl Research Conf on Food, Nutrition & Cancer

Summaries and abstracts

Report on AICR 2005
High Dose I3C and Crambene Protective
Green Tea Polyphenol EGCG & BCa Cells
American Institute of Cancer Research, 2006

Conference report, press releases, abstracts

AICR Researchers Study Impact of Diet on Cancer

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