Amazon Factor  - Brenda Sawicki 9/08

From a 9/01/08 email to Annie Appleseed Project:

I just want to share some great news on a supplement that I found to really work. I've had breast cancer for 7 years and have only done alternative -no chemo/radiation.

I've consulted with Michael Schacter, Vincent Gammill, ScD, ND, ( did IAT with Dr, Clement (Bahama clinic), Coley's Toxins with Stephen Hoption-Cann, PhD., you name it. I've done it!

Well, 6 months ago, I had severe ascities from my liver mets and had 13 liters drained at once each month. My feet and ankles looked like Shrek. I started the Amazon Factor from Nutranomics and regulated my thyroid with iodine and naturethroid, had a hypnosis cd made telling my liver to flush away the cancer and regulate my thyroid etc...

My CA 27.29 went from 5400 to 1124 over 6 months. It did double the first 6 weeks, as it was supposed to according to Nutranomics and then it goes in half each month. I feel fabulous and reborn. Big news..go after it.

Call me if you need details, blood tests or anymore info.

Brenda Sawicki, 860-665-7584

Posted 9/01/08

August 2009 Update: We are sorry to say that Brenda has died of her cancer, but she told her family that she was helped live longer by the use of alternative therapies. She asked that her family and friends donate in her memory to the Annie Appleseed Project. We are honored by this.

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