10/06 Ann Fonfa met the Chief Operating Officer, Dr. S. Winston Boguch at the 2006 World Cancer Congress and subsequently posted new information. See below on publications.

2/05 Recently we were contacted and sent information on some current studies that show this test may have some value. BUT it is not specific for any particular cancer thus a person would have to have many more/other tests to figure out what was going on in their body. It was certainly not effective for me, but then nothing ever showed on conventional blood work either, yet I was dealing with active cancer for well over 6 years. (Ann Fonfa)

Ann Fonfa's comments, 2001

Here is what happened for me and some friends:

I took this test the first time six weeks after my first surgery (Jan, 1993). It showed that I had active cancer. I learned that surgery often sends cancer cells into the blood stream.

I took the test again two years later. This time I had three friends with me. I had experienced several local recurrences at that time. It was June/July 1995. The test was negative. My friends' felt that their test was NOT appropriate to their situation.

I took it again two more times during that period August and September. Again it showed negative for cancer.

So I called Samuel Bogosh the creator. I had already wondered why it was not available in New York State. NYS has special requirements for blood tests which required a $1000 licensing fee and inspection of the laboratory in Boston.

They never applied at all. I did not understand why. I tried to help since I knew many people who would have taken the test. Bogosh had sent me information about a recent trial conducted with 100's of women with breast cancer. He said the results showed great success in judging whether they had cancer or not.

He said he thought I might have gotten an incorrect pathology report, that 10% are wrong. (He was correct in the estimation of 10%). But my report was correct. He next said that my tumor cells were very slow growing and that it might have just slipped under the 'radar screen' of the AMAS test.

All in all, I have never known anyone who felt that they got useful results. It is sad.

I have heard some alt docs say they use AMAS. Please send us information on your results good or bad.

9/01 UPDATE-more people saying they did NOT get useful results.

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