Agricultural Health Study- a collaboritve effort between 

the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of 

Environmental Health Sciences, and the US Environmental 

Protection Agency

The information here was taken from "Together", the summer issue, Vol 10, 1999 of Cure For Lymphoma Foundation. Written by Michael C.R. Alvanja, Dr.PH, Senior Investigator, Occupational Epidemiology Branch, National Cancer Institute.

Epidemiological studies among agricultural workers in several countries showed that farmers experience excessive amounts of several cancers-lymphatic and hematopoietic(blood) system, connective tissue, skin, brain, prostate, stomach and lips. In some of the countries, there were increases in the general population of brain non-hodgkins lymphoma, multiple myeloma and prostate cancers.

This study will look at farmers, their families and pest control workers who (may) have contact with a variety of (potentially) hazardous substances including: pesticides, solvents, fuels and oils, engine exhaust, dust and zoonotic (?-probably means animal) viruses and other microbes.

The study will look at over 90,000 people, including all registered pesticide applicators in Iowa and North Carolina and the spouses of applicators who are farmers. Questionnaires will be used to ask about pesticide use, other agricultural exposures and work practices. They will also be asked about diet, alcohol, exercise, medical conditions and family histories.

The study will include approximately 3,000 African-American farmers and their spouses. This is among the largest cohorts (study groups) of African-American farmers and spouses ever studied.

Results will be reported some years from now.

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