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In this section we have articles about YOUNG Women and Older Women. It is amazing that both groups seem to be missing from most evidence-based studies.

ABSTRACT: What is the evidence for a reduced risk of local recurrence with age among older patients treated by breast conserving therapy? [02/01/2002; The Breast]

With the rising age of the population and the proposed extension of the breast screening programme to older women, increasing numbers of older patients are becoming eligible for breast conserving surgery and post-operative breast irradiation. Women over the age of 70 have traditionally been omitted from randomized controlled trials for assessing the role of breast radiotherapy after local surgery. The majority of trials suggest that local recurrence rates do decline with age.

Similar conclusions are suggested by many non-randomized studies. Comparison of randomized and non-randomized studies is limited by differing extent of classifying tumour margins, nodal status, use of adjuvant systemic therapy, sample size, analytical approaches and duration of follow-up. Large randomized trials in older women are needed to assess whether, with careful attention to obtaining clear tumour margins, radiotherapy is required in low risk, ER positive, node negative breast cancer patients following wide excision and adjuvant tamoxifen.

Within both randomized and non-randomized studies, only a few studies have failed to demonstrate an impact of age on recurrence rates following breast conserving treatment, with the majority finding a reduction in local recurrence rates with increasing age.

Importantly for interpretation, no studies suggest that recurrence rates increase with age.

The variation in analytical approaches and sample sizes are such that the variety of conclusions is not surprising.

The results are compatible with a tendency for local recurrence rates to fall with age, but the variability is such that one cannot quantify this change with any precision.

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