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You will find studies, articles, and other information specifically for African Americans.

It is important to see the information in the other sections of this website as well (in order to make informed treatment decisions). Ann F. talks with woman about cancer issues (opens to separate window).

Harold Freedman, MD (Harlem Hospital, NYC) has stated that there is no race when we speak medically. He calls it a 'construct'.

Dr. Freedman discussed the idea that racial classification is not really biologically based. He said that any American with 1 black ancestor is classified as black. Culture is an important factor. Please keep this in mind as you read further.


Pregnancy and Risk issues

An article from July 1999

Vit D Needed in Infants & Moms
Office of Minority Health

resources and information gathering

National Cancer Institute

Specific information for "ethnic groups" (such as there is to date)

Racial disparities

Studies and a grant

Mortality/Treatment Gaps
Screening and Prevention
Chemotherapy Resistance Varies with Ethnicity
Racial Differences in Chronic Disease
Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Cancer Treatment
Black Women/kids Need More Vitamin D
Minorities Tested for Drugs/Alcohol MORE Often Than Caucs
Higher Blood Pressure Among Blacks NOT Genetic
Prostate Cancer - RACE

Studies and issues

Report on Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Race/Ethnicity & Watchful Waiting:Prostate Ca
Race/Literacy Effects on Prostate Ca Biology & Access
Two Books for Black Men on Prostate Cancer
Cultural Disparities in Diagnosis &Treatment of Prostate Ca
Intercultural Cancer Network

LINK to site with information, sponsors events

Quality of Life

A survey of 98 women all 4 year survivors

Alternative Therapy Use: Elderly Afro-Am
Endometrial Cancer

Genetic factors may make a difference in black/white women 2/7/00

African American Women Have Worse Endometrial CA Profiles
Art and Poetry

Women and men speak out personal perspectives through Art

Never Again
The Interview - A Poem
Matuschka, Artist/Photographer/Cancer Activist
A Tribute to Latrisha
Poem written after a cancer scare - Minx Boren
POEM: Each Breath--Die Death--Unearth Re-birth!
Greater Weight Said to be a Factor

Am Journal of Epidemiology, February 2001

Height and Bca Risk
Support/Educ Groups (African Am)

Sisters Surviving
Sisters Network, Inc.
The Safe Circle
Local Groups w/o websites
The Minority Health Site

Link to patient-driven site, many health issues

Southerners Needed for a Study


Breast Cancer Info and Issues

Articles, talks, studies

Carolina Bca Study-NEW INSIGHTS on Mortality
Adelphi Hotline Facts
Diet/Bca Among Urban Black Women
Tumor Biology & Prognosis in Bk BCa Pts
Bk Women's Experience of Bca
Surgery Issues Found
Review: Same Treatment/Same Outcome
Research Areas for Bca
Spiritual Health Issues & Bca
Race & Attitudes on Genetic Testing
Injection Site Critical For SNB
Gail Model WRONG for African-American Women
More Caucasian Than African-American Women Reconstruct
African American Issues - San Antonio Breast Ca Symp 2006
Breast Cancer in Women of African Descent BOOK
Ruthy Waston Breast Cancer Issues conference
DNA Much More Important than Ethnicity

Nature News Service, 10/01

Race & the Clinic: Good Science?
Increased Death a Risk w/ Ovarian Ca

Cancer, 3/02

Outcomes/Toxicity:Colon Ca-see ending

JNCI, 8/02

African-Americans More Likely to Die of Colon Ca
Afr Am Fare Worse Bevacizumab (Avastin) Colorectal Ca Study
Need Afr-Am Med/Surgl Oncologists

Cancer, 1/03

Eating Patterns-African Americans

J Am Diet Assoc, 3/30

Cancer: Not an Equal Opportunity Disease
Less Salt Reduces BP in Blacks w Hypertension
Fat Increased Risk/Fruits/Vegs Decreased Vaginosis
Passive Tobacco Smoke/Sick Cell:Kids

Archives of Ped & Adoles Med, 12/03

Nicotine metabolism among African Am & Euro-Am smokers
Survival Diffs w/Primary Malignant Brain Tumor

Cancer, 7/03

Clinical Trial Issues for African Americans

JCO, 2/04

African Am Women's Knowledge Clinical Trials
Resection/Survival Same for Afr-Amer: NSCLC

Abstract #7293 ASCO, 2004

Small Cell Lung Cancer Incidence Up: African-American Men
Medline for African Americans

LINK to government site for African American health issues

African American Churches to PROMOTE Good Health

National Cancer Institute, 9/04

Microalbuminuria Varies by Race in Healthy Teens
New England Informer

LINK to newspaper providing "health information for Minority communities"

Better Choices for Eco-Friendly/Health Sensitive Hair Care

Skin Cancer in Skin of Color

J Am Acad of Dermatology, 11.06

Skin Ca: Lack of Awareness in Minority Communities
Dermatology Technique not Good for Dark Skin
Bryant Terry, Eco Chef, Author, Food Justice Activist

LINK to his site BOOK "Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen"

The Sheppard Foundation

Harlem, NY based-organization link to their website, Alt med CLOSED DOWN

Black Women Health Imperative

LINK: National organization

Books and Publishers of Interest

various health issues by African-Americans

Two Books for Black Men on Prostate Cancer
Instant Recess: Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time

Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.

This site is like an Encyclopedia - there are many pages, many links on many topics.

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