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"Several studies have been done showing melatonin increases the effectiveness of tamoxifen alone. I have looked into this and found the researchers could not get funding for using the alternative product alone. This was also true of a Maitake D product being tested to see if it "enhanced" the effects of chemo or radiation. Scientifically, it can't be proven that anything "enhances" anything else unless it is demonstrated that it does not work alone and is effective only in conjunction with another agent.

So here we are with junk studies.

I see a political thread here where the NCI and other funders won't challenge the standard of care for breast cancer and they want to relegate alternative medicine to a complimentary helpmate category of "add ons."

It is bad science, pure and simple. As you noticed, they are using a different standard of testing for alternative medicine. I hope someone goes to (conferences)and points this out".


When the Tumor is NOT the Target

Commentary by Advocate, Musa Mayer,8/03

Invited Commentary by Susan Braun
Education/Utilization of Volunteer Pt Advocates:Clin Trials

ASCO, 2004 Abstract #1031

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