ACS Wrkshp for Survivors

Nutrition During and After Cancer Treatment: A Guide for Informed Choices by Cancer Survivors

American Cancer Society Workgroup on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Survivors

CA Cancer J Clin 2001;51:153-181

Jean Brown, RN, PhD; Tim Byers, MD, MPH; Kevin Thompson; Barbara Eldridge, RD; Colleen Doyle, MS, RD; Alexis M. Williams, MPH, CHES


Many studies have been conducted about dietary interventions aimed at preventing cancer. The American Cancer Society has published guidelines on diet, nutrition and cancer prevention, which are updated periodically as new evidence emerges, and other groups, too, have issued statements or guidelines about nutritional strategies to prevent cancer. Much less is known, however, about optimal nutrition for cancer survivors.

This report looks at the different phases of cancer survivorship, from active treatment to advanced disease, and presents existing evidence from which informed decisions can be made regarding dietary choices. Popular complementary and alternative methods related to dietary intervention are reviewed. Nutrition information is also provided according to common cancer sites.

As this is an area that requires survivors and health care providers to communicate effectively, a special section on “frequently asked questions” is provided for use as a patient education handout.

(CA Cancer J Clin 2001;51:153-187.)

Introduction on Nutrition: Need for Guidance

ACS, 2001

Decision-making Uncertainty/Nutritional Issues During Phases

Clear call for more studies

Dietary Supplements

ACS position and information

Nutritional Issues for Common Cancer Sites

This section contains them all

Phase I: Cancer Treatment & Food Choices/Nutritional Supplements

Usual (mis)information about healthy eating NOT mattering during treatment

Phase II:Recovery From Treatment/Phase III:Preventing Recurrences

Risks of new primaries and nutritional trouble

Phase IV: Living with Advanced Cancer

General discussion

Specific Nutritional Issues for Survivors

Food safety, caloric intake, weight issues

Dietary Fats
Fruits and Vegetables
Dietary Regimens
Physical Activity

Many benefits, no downside, do what you can

Nutritional Issues in CAM

Calling again for more studies

Nutritional Issues for Common Cancer Sites

Breast, Prostate, Lung, Head and Neck, Gastric, Colon

Lung Cancer
Head and Neck
Gastric Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Cancer Prevention for Family Members

Exercise and a healthy diet can't hurt

Promoting Informed Decision-Making by Survivors

Evaluating info,communication, making informed choices

Evaulation System: Courtesy of the AICR

We need randomized, multi-center clinical trials so WE CAN EVALUATE ALL THE EVIDENCE

Who Wrote This Report?

ACS committee


190 references

2002 Prevention Guidelines For Nutrition/Physical Activity

American Cancer Society, 2002

ACS Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort

Cance, 1/02

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