Acupuncture Controls Gagging Reflex

"Acupuncture is used in dentistry but this is the first time has been used to cure the gagging reflex."

Research published in the British Dental Journal revealed that acupuncture had a 100 per cent success rate when tested on a group of 10 volunteers.

Acupucnture needles were inserted into an anti-gagging point in each of the patients' ears and manipulated before dental work began.

The volunteers, who had previously either avoided dental treatment or had to be sedated, were given fillings and tooth extractions and on all occasions were fit to leave the surgey and travel home unaccompanied.

Practitioners claim the treatment works because different parts of the ear represent different parts of the body.

The nerves which control swallowing and gagging corresponds with the area of the ear containing the anti-gagging point.

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